Kanye West ’7 Screen Experience’ In Atlantic City - VIDEO

Following on from his 121212 Sandy Relief performance earlier this month where he was criticised for several reasons, creative performer and rapper Kanye West pulled out all the stops for what’s being called a ’7 Screen Experience’ concert in Atlantic City, the first of three shows of its kind.
With a bit more time to prepare, Kanye held an epic 75 minute concert in Atlantic City’s Revel Resort, where he transformed the stage into an indoor Winter experience as snowy forests and mountains were displayed on the large screens behind and above him as he performed some of his classic hits such as “Cold,” “Heartless” and “Say You Will.” I can honestly say I'm not a concert goer but I would attend one of his events.  I believe when you go to a concert its suppose to be a show not just 10 guys screaming on the microphone be more creative then I wouldn't mind paying the extra money for a ticket.
Always leading the pack with his elaborate style,  Kanye dressed matching the Winter scenes with a layered and uncoventional all white suit, as well as donning a couple of unusual feathered and diamond encrusted face masks for the occasion.  Now that's original for you a$$, Kanye in my opinion is a great example of a complete artist package style, skill, and charisma.  For a sneak peak checkout the video below:

 Courtesy Of HHN24/7


  1. What an artistic n creative dude!


  2. Anonymous04:47

    Dope footage!