The Black Opera "FXckin' Problem" - [Dramatization] - AUDIO

 While sitting in the lab probably working on their next masterpiece Black Opera decided to take a moment to speak to the people about some real S#@!  Real HipHop artist don't always do things to make dough but just because its the right thing to do.  Let's have a moment of silence for the children slain in Connecticut

"In times like these, Dark Comedy is no laughing matter. So with all jokes aside, we wanted to put a satirical spin on A$AP Rocky's "FXckin' Problem" in order to address current events and issues. Events and issues that include the school shooting in Connecticut, gun control, mental health, and America's prescription drug addiction amongst others. RIP to everyone that lost their lives in the Newtown, CT school shooting and the innocent lives lost everyday in these streets and around the world."

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