Joe Budden - "A Loose Quarter" - {Audio}

Joe Budden is cleaned out of his closet on this new MixtapeA Loose Quarter, if you didn't know that Joe is a emotional train wreck you are in for a surprise. He didn't hold back with the features either, Ab-Soul, Royce Da 5'9, and Emanny just to name a few.  I've said it before but the being underground has made Joe a better artist.  Check him out below and you'll see what I'm talking about.


Jack Thriller Presents: "16 Or Better" Cypher EP14 - {Official Video}

Need I say more, for those who don't know HipHop music started in the Cypher on the block.  It has evolved into to more sub-genres than I can name.  But when it's all said and done the Cypher separates the REal Emcees from the wannabes.  Checkout the video below and watch Leon Marin, Hommy Hom, Ayodele, William Wilson along with Cancun rip the Mic.  If you are a Emcee don't be shy go to test your skills, the contact info is above.


Rebel - "Climax Moments" EP - {Audio}

Angeredrebel(Rebel) is a HipHop producer from Cincinnati he has been featured on a few of the dopest sites out today. Rebel use to run a group called, "RMG", Rebel Music Group, after 10 years the group disbanded to work on solo projects. One of Rebel's classic albums is 3rd EP "Beatapes" and one of my favorite tracks is "Climax Moment".  If you are a Emcee or a singer/songwriter make sure you checkout his music below, this guy is a beast!!


Saigon - "Blown Away" - {Official Video}

Saigon's single Blown Away is off his album The Greatest Story Never Told - Chapter 2: Bread And Circuses just one of his many gems on the LP.  This single is just a glimpse to what you can expect on this politically diluted album.  You have to give credit to the few artist who rap about real issues.  We all know these kind of topics do not yield huge profits which is why mainstream labels don't sign artist like Saigon. Artist like him will continue to be underground if we change out mental perspective on life.  Because selling a million units to a million idiots only benefits major corporations while our culture continue on a downward sparrow into ignorance and negrocity.


Awon & Phoniks"Summer Madness" - {Audio}

Phoniks is a HipHop producer from Portland, Maine known for his vintage-90's boom bap production style and melodic jazz and soul samples. The 23-year old producer has released three full-length albums, 2013's "Return to the Golden Era" with Emcee Awon, 2014's "Stories from the Brass Section" with Anti Lilly and "Dephacation" with Awon & Dephlow. As well as a series of 6 remix tapes. 


The Boomjacks - "Moments in Space and Time" EP - {Audio}

Displaying The Boomjacks - Moments In Space and Time.jpg
The Boomjacks are beatmakers from Kuopio, Finland. The duo consists of brothers Jyri & Villejam, both having a strong musical background. The brothers started making beats separately but eventually ended up working together in late December 2008. The production of The Boomjacks could be characterized as eclectic HipHop and BoomBap

After a couple of years of making beats for Emcee’s only, The Boomjacks decided to alter their approach to beats and began releasing their instrumentals for listeners. In January 2011 The Boomjacks started with Beats Series, a very straight-forward, well received continuum of beat tapes that spans to four volumes at the moment. In November 2012 The Boomjacks released a conceptual instrumental album, Beats of Ice and Fire, which was inspired by George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire novels and HBO's Game of Thrones tv series adaptation. 

It was shortly followed by a jazz-funk inspired instrumental release Butter & Jam. In July 2013 The Boomjacks released a collaborative EP together with the Pennsylvania based MC Apollo’s Sun, The Ownlife Sessions, Vol. 1. The last months they have spent working on new instrumental material for Moments in Space and Time.  Checkout their unique sound below.


9th Wonder & Buckshot - Stop Rapping - {Audio}

 Check out one of my favorite Underground HipHop duos 9th Wonder and Buckshot's upcoming album, The Solution. This joint dropped a couple years ago but its still loaded on my Mp3 que. You can still get this joint via iTunes. As usual these two always come with that real Boom Bap.


Rah Digga - "Never Back Down"(Ft.Fashawn & REKS) - {Audio}

Remember when HipHop had all types of dope female Emcees. Nowadays every female appear to want to imitate each other. But not the Queen of Flipmode Squad. Digga gets together with Fashawn and REKS for the features along with M-Phazes on the production for Never Back Down. Stay tuned for Coalmine records.
Unearthed will feature guest appearances from the likes of Pharoahe Monch, Blu, Large Professor, Kool G Rap, Sean Price, Billy Danze (of M.O.P.), Maffew Ragazino, Rock (of Heltah Skeltah) Artifacts, Apathy, Celph Titled, Torae and more. Producers tapped include Nottz, M-Phazes, !llmind, Khrysis, Young Cee, Ayatollah and BeanOne is just naming a few of the great underground legends.  This is a must have if you are a real fan of the culture.


Sean Price - "Haraam" - Official Video

Sean Price, probably one of the most underrated underground HipHop wordsmiths of all time has always walked his own path. This joint below is one of the many grimmy and gritty tracks off his album “Mic Tyson”. This track is actually one of the bonus songs on the iTunes version of the album and was also released on a Rock The Bells Mixtape  . Sean P. is definitely one of leaders of that raw HipHop, without artist like him rap music would really wouldn't exist.  R.I.P. Sean Price, your will always be missed!!


Lost Dialect - "Dirty Roads" (Ft. Rick Gonzalez) - {Official Video}

The group Lost Dialect takes me back to the "Golder Era" of HipHop when you needed  to have Bars in order to be apart of the culture.  Coming out of Inglewood, CA this group has been on their grind since 2007 when they added their 3rd member J.Qwest

The other two ActRight, known as the Brain and Mistah Redd better known as the Muscle of the group have been rockin' the mic for quite some time before meeting J.Qwest.  I'm just glad they didn't give up on their dreams, with numerous EP releases like #PrimeDialect, which was released last month.  Checkout the video below there is a hidden message and then make sure ya'll support this group.


Guilty Simpson & Small Professor - "On The Run" - {Audio}

Named after the highest rank awarded to Sumo Wrestlers, Philly Beatsmith Small Professor returns to the ring with his latest offering, On The RunIt's always magic when these two get together, this dynamic duo are so underrated.  The last time I've heard a collab this dope was Red & Meth or Sean Price and MF Doom.  


King Pearly - "Re-Foolish" (Ashanti Pearlyfied) - {Audio Instrumental}

Pragmatic Theory affiliation with Rhythm22 music & culture blog, we receive submissions regularly & one very chilled out message caught my attention as did the attached comedic, not everything gotta be so serious. So I reached out to beatmaker King Pearly from London, UK so that we may share a different take on his Ashanti remix. Having grown up in Slough in the early 2000s where Garage & Grime were prevalent & then acquiring an older version of Cubase, both he and his friend began making Grime & HipHop music for years in their homemade studio. Over the past few years & now at 25 years old, King Pearly aka Jimmy Dunne, focuses on experimentation with layers and textures as well as raw & earthy sounds to provoke his listeners with. So please enjoy, share, & download King Pearly - Re-Foolish (Ashanti Pearlyfied) . If you are a inspiring Emcee, DJ or just a fan of great music make sure you check this out.


Signif - "The L Word" (Prod. by MotelEola) - {Audio}

Signif - The L Word (LikeLustLove) Produced by Moteleola
After Signif 1st European tour and the release of her Significant Wizdom II: Atypical, Signif  track “The L Word (LikeLustLove)” off her album Friction and produced by London’s own MotelEola .  Its talented artist like this that the industry let go to wast because the corporations want clones of whatever is so called "Hot" at the time.  Cut off the radio and go on the internet to find new and talented artist. 


Smash Brovaz - "The Kitchen" (Ft. Richie Sosa) - {Official Video}

The Toronto based group Smash Brovaz, are act it again with their single The Kitchen off the album "Think It’s A Game?" This album is one of the dopest underground LP's it reminds me every reason I fell in love with the Boom Bap.  It appears of all the music black people pioneered (Rock N' Roll, Jazz, R&B) HipHop is the one genre we haven't walked away from and allowed another race to totally dominate.  But we still need to own more of our invention instead of selling our shares off to people who are not apart of the culture.  Okay I'm off my soapbox checkout the video below.


D'zyl 5k1 - "Papers" - {Official Video}

Uproar Nation's own D'zyl 5k1 (pronounced Diesel 5001) is a lyrical beast just listen to his flow it's impossible to imitate. His double CD, "The Sauce" is irrefutable proof that his contribution is impacting HipHop . This release consists of one disk being his personal album, and the other disk-a collaboration album comprised of songs that 

he has been working on with others since his last album, 2012's "Not 

Your Average Bear". They are to be viewed as 
two separate CDs, but part of the same body of work, for he created them simultaneously ..all the while putting 
out an EP, "D'zyl Prime", and a group CD, "MAximum Capacity".  Papers, is an inspirationaldeclaration of ownership, empowerment, and self acceptance. Directed by Art Barz.  Be on the lookout for this underground phenomenal group they are the truth.


BJ the Chicago Kid - "It’s True" (Ft. ScHoolboy Q) - {Audio}

BJ the Chicago Kid has been paying his dues for quite some time now, to see him collab with Schoolboy Q is one of the dopest HipHop collabs. This song is my favorite off "The M.A.F.E. Project", if you don't own it you need to go cop this joint.  Kid is proof you can't judge a book by it's cover, he's written for Gospel, Neo-soul, and HipHop artist before concentrating on his own career. 


MARTIN $KY - "II HEAVY" - {Audio}

With the previous drop of his song "Drama", which was produced by two producers in Germany, Martin decides to handle the production himself on this one.  It wasn't on his last project, but Martin is working on a small EP which he plans to finish and drop soon. Martin drops an entirely new and improved Over the years I've notice his sound has developed a more "main stream" sound which I hope is not a reflection of his future projects but we shall see.


Tex Tombstone x Buddy Lofton - "SlumDogs" - {Video}

"SlumDogs" is off Theme Music Productions upcoming project #WhatDopeSoundsLike.  This cut features Long Island NY artist Tex Tombstone and Buddy Lofton, was produced by Josh Lamont.  The visuals was directed by Matt Torchon who definitely brought his "A-Game" on this joint.  Check out the video below and tell us want you think.  


Jazmine Sullivan - "Dumb" (Ft. Meek Mill) - {Official Video}

Years after her sabbatical from the music scene, Jazmine Sullivan made her return to the spotlight with “Dumb”.
Taken from her third album Reality Show, the talented (and criminally underrated) 30 year old singer delivers a confident “don’t let anyone take you for an idiot” narrative over the marching production provided by Key Wane and Salaam Remi, and she even grabs a guest feature from MMG’s Meek Mill for added punch. #FreeMeekMill

Courtesy Of Soul Culture


GoldLink - "When I Die" - {Official Video}

Born in D.C., raised in Maryland and now living in VA, rapper GoldLink entered the hip-hop climate last year awarding us a handful of experimental tracks that left most of us somewhere between outer space and Ginuwine. GoldLink calls this “Futuristic Ass Bounce” or “Future Bounce” for the more conservative among us, although ‘conservative’ isn’t quite in his vocabulary.
When asked about his style, GoldLink had this to say: “I think it’s compared to like the Beach Boys mixed with R. Kelly from The Chocolate Factory album mixed with Beethoven Symphony shit mixed with Ke$ha meets Kim, the R&B singer.”
Whether that’s a lofty insight or a comical retort, one thing is for certain: GoldLink isn’t of the norm.
Loyal to this progressive stance, GoldLink first stoked us with his convulsive remix of Ta-Ku’s “Electronic Relaxation” that first demonstrated his impressive dexterity. While the volatile flow that he possesses can easily box in a weaker rapper, GoldLink’s art shines in the ability to dance between topics, beats and tempos.
Tracks like the Galimatias & Joppe produced “One Step Back” sit – at first glance – uncomfortably alongside other pieces such as the TLC-sampling “Creep,” but that’s where the beauty resides. This type of juxtaposition creates an excitement in the unknowing. Gold is a very creative young artist, one of the few I actually approve of.  Lets support creativity instead of copycats!

Courtesy Of SoulCulture


Akir - "Listen" - {Audio}

 As a vital part of Immortal Technique’s Viper Records roster and with upcoming shows with Tech & Brother Ali & Rock The Bells, 2013 finds Akir bringing the spotlight back to music with his new forthcoming LP The Plan, his album title is not just an album title. The Plan is just that” Akir states, “My map for a musical journey on the way to becoming better.” 

The Plan is produced in majority by Akir and his beat-making partnership with Ty Steez (The Sound) along with Omen with features from his “Rebel Army” brothers Immortal Technique, Poison Pen & Swave Sevah and is a major-step forward for the lyricist and producer. “This album has another level of music presence, taking my pre-existing formula to a larger audience. My first-project, Street Edition, was for the streets, but now I am aiming for the world”!


Drama - "Psalms 151" LP - {Audio}

Following up with his previously released singles entitled "Hoopty Music" and "You", Drama is back at it again with his third single "Letter To A Queen" ft. Tylamar, produced by Trac-Qaeda. Sometimes we must travel the path of the unlawful in to obtain our goals.  And while you are walking through the Valley of Darkness it's good to have a significant other who supports and understands your sacrifice.


Redman - "Somebody Got Robbed" (Ft. Mr. Yellow) - {Official Video}

Redman's single"Somebody Got Robbed" off his album The Preload, takes it back to the old Reggie.  It's good to see the veterans in HipHop still doing their thing.  Red and Meth should be working on another "How High" if all things go well with the script and producers.  In the meantime I'm bangin' this album and Meth's project "Crystal Meth" LP.


Skanks(The Bankai Fam) - "Lick a Shot" (Ft. Top Notch) - {Video}

Representing The Bankai Fam, Skanks shows he's a force to be reckon with all on his own.  I know this kind HipHop is too hardcore for today's dance rap.  But remember this is the origin of HipHop even before "Rappers Delight".  
This song didn't represent the way it was done by the creators or any other rappers at the time, it was put together by some R&B execs who were looking for a way to market rap music to a mainstream audience.  

Sugar Hill Records assembled a group of guys, stole a popular Disco Beat from Chic and used their influence to get airplay.  Not to mention one of the guys (Big Bank Hank) straight plagiarize a local HipHop artist Grandmaster Caz rhymes.  That's why we are here to keep REal HipHop alive and to assure it won't get taken over like Rock N' Roll & Jazz which are other forms of black artist creations.


AWKWORD - "World View" LP - {Audio} Editor-In-Chief Kinge and Managing Editor Yoh31 sat down with rapper/activist AWKWORD to talk threats of imperialism, prisons, suicide, Aaron Swartz, Chuck DHipHop, his mother and working with more than 100 artists for his 100% for-charity album World View.


Rhyme Scheme (of COBAINE) - "Black Diamonds" LP - {Video}

From the birthplace of the steel horses that galloped bright headlamp lit across this country for the last near-hundred years emerges Rhyme Scheme from the movement called COBAINE. Named after the great Seattle band and culture front-man Kurt Cobane in homage to what lasting legacy that one powerful force of nature can have on an entire art form. 

He came, he changed it, and he was gone – COBAINE – not what you might expect from two incredible HipHop artists, but what they deliver is not expected but truly unique in its scope, feel and appeal. There are no boundaries to the sonic madness or to the depth and ease of lyrics delivered on their first album release Mind Sushi.  It appears that HipHop has switched sides in the last decade or most of the conscious HipHop seems to be coming out the West while the East is still trying to imitate the South.  Either way, Rhyme Scheme is the truth, lets support Real HipHop no matter the origin. 


Talib Kweli - "Heads Up Eyes Open" (Ft. Rick Ross & Yummy Bingham) - {Video}

Let me say this first, I didn't become a fan of Rick Ross until maybe a couple years ago.  Now of course Talib Kweli is my Guy and the songstress Yummy Bingham is like the Underground R&B/HipHop Queen.  It's good to see Rick Ross showing some growth in his lyrics in his past couple albums this single shows that. Now seeing Ross & Talib on the same track was a bit of a shock but not too much he has collaborated with some of HipHops most controversial Emcees in the past.