Skanks(The Bankai Fam) - "Lick a Shot" (Ft. Top Notch) - {Video}

Representing The Bankai Fam, Skanks shows he's a force to be reckon with all on his own.  I know this kind HipHop is too hardcore for today's dance rap.  But remember this is the origin of HipHop even before "Rappers Delight".  
This song didn't represent the way it was done by the creators or any other rappers at the time, it was put together by some R&B execs who were looking for a way to market rap music to a mainstream audience.  

Sugar Hill Records assembled a group of guys, stole a popular Disco Beat from Chic and used their influence to get airplay.  Not to mention one of the guys (Big Bank Hank) straight plagiarize a local HipHop artist Grandmaster Caz rhymes.  That's why we are here to keep REal HipHop alive and to assure it won't get taken over like Rock N' Roll & Jazz which are other forms of black artist creations.

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