King Pearly - "Re-Foolish" (Ashanti Pearlyfied) - {Audio Instrumental}

Pragmatic Theory affiliation with Rhythm22 music & culture blog, we receive submissions regularly & one very chilled out message caught my attention as did the attached comedic, not everything gotta be so serious. So I reached out to beatmaker King Pearly from London, UK so that we may share a different take on his Ashanti remix. Having grown up in Slough in the early 2000s where Garage & Grime were prevalent & then acquiring an older version of Cubase, both he and his friend began making Grime & HipHop music for years in their homemade studio. Over the past few years & now at 25 years old, King Pearly aka Jimmy Dunne, focuses on experimentation with layers and textures as well as raw & earthy sounds to provoke his listeners with. So please enjoy, share, & download King Pearly - Re-Foolish (Ashanti Pearlyfied) . If you are a inspiring Emcee, DJ or just a fan of great music make sure you check this out.

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