Tuesday, December 31, 2013

No Scrubs: How to Know If Your New Man Is Bum In Rich Man's Clothing

by Dr. Boyce Watkins
I speak to my daughters regularly about how to choose a good man.  Of course, their preferences often differ from my own, and I accept that.  When one of my girls said that she would marry Lil Wayne, I had to explain that you may not want to chase after a drug addicted man who says he wants to sleep with every girl in the world, who also gets two girls pregnant at the same time.  I hope she got the point.
I sometimes write about the conversations I have with my girls, mainly because I believe that a lot of our young women make mistakes because they don’t have a father’s advice to guide them.  Right before our New Paradigm forum this year, Dr. Steve Perry and I were discussing his show, “Save My Sons,” and I told him that, in the same vein, we need to make similar efforts as black men to save our girls from all the things in the world that might seek to harm them.
Finally, I believe that every young woman deserves to have at least one older man around to protect them, who is not trying to sleep with them at the same time.  So, I use my platform as a chance to be that man for whoever is in need of good advice.  That’s why I’m writing this article.
A recent conversation I had with one of my girls led me to believe that I should share the advice with anyone who might want to listen.  It had to do with how to choose a man who is going to have a good future.  Some people are so caught up in what a person offers today that they can’t see what they will (or won’t) be able to offer in the future.  So, the popular athlete that you’re dating in college may turn out to be an uneducated, washed up, bankrupt, STD-infected clown 10 years down the road because he spent all of his earliest years throwing away all of his potential:  That’s what some of the rappers on the radio taught him to do.
So, here are a few ways for young women to know that their man will probably have a good future:
1) If you call and ask what he’s doing, does he usually appear to be doing nothing?  A man who is usually doing nothing is creating a life that has no basis.  You can’t build something on top of nothing, that defies the physics of success.  Most of us forget that what you do everyday serves as the building blocks of the life you’ll have in the future.  When I was in college studying eight straight hours on Friday nights, I was becoming a scholar.  Had I been doing something else, I would have been becoming something else.  The same way they say that you are what you eat, the fact is that you also are what you do.
2) Does he talk about his goals a lot and then back them up with action?  If you don’t have a plan to get where you’re going, then you’re probably not going to get there.  Also, talk without action is nothing but wasted breath.   Where a man is in his life doesn’t matter nearly as much as where he’s going and what he’s doing in order to get there.  Just ask Michelle Obama:  I’ll bet she nailed the first black president after a lot of other women passed him up.
3) Is he into drugs or alcohol?  Almost nothing great has ever been done by a group of people who sat around getting high and drunk all day.  Drugs and alcohol increase the chances that the person is going to do something stupid, and weed makes you lazy.  You don’t want your family to be headed by a lazy man, because a lazy man is unable to protect your children and face the challenges that life will put in front of him.  I won’t even discuss how many families have been destroyed by substance abuse.
4) Does he already have a child or two that he can’t afford?  A man with baby’s mamas may bring unnecessary drama in your life.  He may also bring a slew of financial difficulties, since child support is expensive.  It’s hard enough to be the instant step mom that his kids resent, let alone knowing that you’ll always be trying to play catch up financially.  I’m not saying that a woman shouldn’t date a man with children (I had a child when I was 18), but if the load is already too heavy for him, it might be indicative of an even heavier future.  Most brothers I know with a stack of baby’s mamas are flat broke and dodging the police on a daily basis.  It’s very sad to watch.
5) Is he getting an education and working hard to be a good student?  Every person should get some kind of education or training to allow him to compete in the world.  I also advocate for all black men to learn to be self-employed, since white folks just aren’t giving us the same jobs they are giving to each other.   But being in school isn’t enough; he should also be a serious student.  A man going to school and studying hard is likely going to possess values that are consistent with hard work and education, which are going to be the values that you want to pass on to your children.
Remember Ladies:  Every date is a potential mate.  So, before you give that man your phone number and let him enter into your body, make sure that he has proven himself worthy:  Scrubs need not apply.  At the same time, you must also work to step up your own game so that when the right man comes along, you are able to identify him and also add value to his life.  Good men don’t want scrubby women either.  Productive love must be reciprocal.

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Monday, December 30, 2013

Michael Eric Dyson Talks About The State Of Real HipHop - {Video}

Michael Eric Dyson is probably one of the most profound black authors, motivational speaker, HipHop conscious man of his generation next to Russell Simmons.  His point of views tend to mimic my own thoughts when talking about the state of HipHop and what it means to black people.  I have been meaning to shine the light on this brother for a minute now.  So sit back relax take out your pen and paper school is in session the teacher is about to speak.  

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Rumorz - "Parachute" - {Video}

“Now-a-days everybody saying they real and I realized real never been so phony..” proclaims the very talented but virtually unknown New England artist Rumorz on his first release and title track from his upcoming project Parachute. With some amazing visuals from fellow New England-er J.R. Saint (Director of Bandz a Make Her Dance, Ray J’s “I hit it first” etc…) RZ delivers an emotional message and hard hitting lyrics about his perspective on life and the world around him. Expect to see more tracks from Rumorz over the next month or so as his project is released in early 2014.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Solo For Dolo - "Back To Basics" - {Audio}

After years of bum deals & industry politics New Jersey's own Solo For Dolo has linked with Queens producer Don Producci to bring us a new EP called "Back To Basics" . Through 6 tracks we are taken on a journey as Solo flips narratives over some golden production from Producci who earned his stripes working with Action Bronson, Meyhem Lauren,  & Spit Gemz. The EP also features guest appearances from Ren Thomas & Billy Snubbs who appeared alongside Solo featured "Live From NJ" video from the Brocky Dennis album "Exacta Box". Altho the EP was originally set to drop on Christmas, the nice weather made for a nice excuse for an early release.  Check them out below and tell us what you think.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Ed Rowe - "Close But No Cigar" (Prod by Klim Beats) - {Video}

Displaying Ed Rowe & Klim Beats - Exercise InTuition.jpg

Fresh off the release of a well-reviewed album "Essenchill", Ed Rowe returns with a brand new project entitled "Exercise InTuition".
"Exercise InTuition" is a beautiful blend of soulful and intelligent HipHop Music, combining the crafty lyricism of Ed Rowe (Atlanta) with the infectiously melodic soundscapes of Klim Beats(Ukraine). The album metaphorically describes the price one pays for following (or ignoring) their gut instincts, as highlighted on tracks 4, "A Higher Calling", 9 "What Ya Want", & 15 "Graduating Classic". Packed with some dope messages of rebirth, self-education, and discovering true joy, listeners will find find this album to be a groove-filled journey worthy of continuous replay. This album takes me back to the "Golden Era" of HipHop with it's lyrics of feary and dope beats.  Let us know what you think of the video below.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Black Author Wins The Matrix Copyright Infringement Case - {Audio}

This little known story has met a just conclusion, Sophia Stewart is the black author who is responsible for The Matrix. She will finally receive her just due from the copyright infringement of her original work!!!
A six-year dispute has ended involving Sophia Stewart, the Wachowski Brothers, Joel Silver and Warner Brothers. Stewart’s allegations, involving copyright infringement and racketeering, were received and acknowledged by the Central District of California, Judge Margaret Morrow presiding.
Stewart, a New Yorker who has resided in Salt Lake City for the past five years, will recover damages from the films, The Matrix I, II and III, as well as The Terminator and its sequels. She will soon receive one of the biggest payoffs in the history of Hollywood , as the gross receipts of both films and their sequels total over 2.5 billion dollars.
Stewart filed her case in 1999, after viewing the Matrix, which she felt had been based on her manuscript, ‘The Third Eye,’ copyrighted in 1981. In the mid-eighties Stewart had submitted her manuscript to an ad placed by the Wachowski Brothers, requesting new sci-fi works..
According to court documentation, a FBI investigation discovered that more than thirty minutes had been edited from the original film, in an attempt to avoid penalties for copyright infringement. The investigation also stated that ‘credible witnesses employed at Warner Brothers came forward, claiming that the executives and lawyers had full knowledge that the work in question did not belong to the Wachowski Brothers.’ These witnesses claimed to have seen Stewart’s original work and that it had been ‘often used during preparation of the motion pictures.’ The defendants tried, on several occasions, to have Stewart’s case dismissed, without success.
Stewart has confronted skepticism on all sides, much of which comes from Matrix fans, who are strangely loyal to the Wachowski Brothers. One on-line forum, entitled Matrix Explained has an entire section devoted to Stewart. Some who have researched her history and writings are open to her story.
Others are suspicious and mocking. ‘It doesn’t bother me,’ said Stewart in a phone interview last week, ‘I always knew what was true.’
Some fans, are unaware of the case or they question its legitimacy, due to the fact that it has received little to no media coverage. Though the case was not made public until October of 2003, Stewart has her own explanation, as quoted at aghettotymz.com:
‘The reason you have not seen any of this in the media is because Warner Brothers parent company is AOL-Time Warner…. this GIANT owns 95 percent of the media… let me give you a clue as to what they own in the media business… New York Times papers/magazines, LA Times papers/magazines, People Magazine, CNN news, Extra, Celebrity Justice, Entertainment Tonight, HBO, New Line Cinema, DreamWorks, Newsweek, Village Roadshow and many, many more! They are not going to report on themselves. They have been suppressing my case for years.’
Fans who have taken Stewart’s allegations seriously, have found eerie mythological parallels, which seem significant in a case that revolves around the highly metaphorical and symbolic Matrix series. Sophia, the Greek goddess of wisdom has been referenced many times in speculation about Stewart. In one book about the Goddess Sophia, it reads, ‘The black goddess is the mistress of web creation spun in her divine matrix.’
Although there have been outside implications as to racial injustice (Stewart is Black), she does not feel that this is the case. ‘This is all about the Benjamins,’ said Stewart. ‘It’s not about money with me. It’s about justice.’
Stewart’s future plans involve a record label, entitled Popsilk Records, and a motion picture production company, All Eyez On Me, in reference to God. ‘I wrote The Third Eye to wake people up, to remind them why God put them here. There’s more to life than money,’ said Stewart. ‘My whole to the world is about God and good and about choice, about spirituality over ‘technocracy’.’
If Stewart represents spirituality, then she truly has prevailed over the ‘technocracy’ represented in both the Terminator and the Matrix, and now, ironically, by their supposed creators.
Stewart is having discussions with CBS about a possible exclusive story and has several media engagements in the near future to nationally publicize her victory. June 13th 2004. Sophia Stewart’s press release read: ‘The Matrix & Terminator movie franchises have made world history and have ultimately changed the way people view movies and how Hollywood does business, yet the real truth about the creator and creation of these films continue to elude the masses because the hidden secret of the matter is that these films were created and written by a Black woman…a Black woman named Sophia Stewart. But Hollywood does not want you to know this fact simply because it would change history. Also it would encourage our Black children to realize a dream and that is…nothing is impossible for them to achieve!’
Greg Thomas, Editor
Courtesy of Jason Skywalker

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Ryan Ryu Alexy Drops His Latest Beat Tape "Essence" - {Audio}

Ryan Ryu Alexy of Golden Wings Music Group has dropped a brand new beat tape titled “ The Essence “. Just fresh off of producing for Llyod Banks,Raekwon,C Plus, and Deniro farrar. He is back to work perfecting his craft over this 20 beat set.  There are some definite bangers on this joint Emcees really need to check this out.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Phresh James - "Chasing Karats" (Prod. by DJ Sharpsound) - {Audio}

Everyone has their own definition of what exactly "being rich" is. To some, it comes in the form of large bank accounts, lavish lifestyles and high priced material items. To others, being rich is nothing more than appreciating your surroundings and enjoying the real life luxuries that we are blessed with everyday. Miami native Phresh James chooses to embrace the latter, and on his brand new single "Chasing Karats" he does this by taking the jewels the world has thrown his way, putting them in the form of words. Spilling his wealth over a beautifully sampled DJ Shapsound production, James calls this his "sore thumb record", due to it having a stand out sound that separates itself from his other records, displaying his versatility as an artist. This track is all about having fun, and it really makes it easy for you to do so as it carries a top down with the sun shining type of vibe. This is the first official release from his upcoming album The Greater Good and it picks up right where his last project Universal Lve Period leaves off with the title being a derivative of the growth between the two. Features are set to come from his 305 family J NICS, Prez P, Steven A. Clark and Vurn, with more contributions from a few surprise guests. Production will be handled exclusively by Mr. Maneuvers, with the exception of this one, which he says sets the tone for #TGG to have one cohesive sound. While no definitive release date is set, Phresh says the project is 90% done and will see a first quarter release in 2014. Excuse the pun, but this is simply refreshing. 

Friday, December 20, 2013

ILLClinton Speaks With "ThaDailyPursuit" Based In Atlanta - {Audio}

ILLClinton’s avatar
The innovative ILLClinton meets up with to talk with the Atlanta based, ThaDailyPursuit. The duo speak on a variety topics including, the meaning behind the name ILLClinton, and their two projects, ILLANTA, and Scion AV Presents: The ILL Experiment. Here is another track of the greatness this group has brought to HipHop.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

R.A. the Rugged Man: Macklemore & Frank Ocean Are Pushing The Gay Agenda To Boost Their Careers - {Video}

Long Island rapper R.A. the Rugged Man shares his thoughts on Lord Jamar's recent comments about Macklemore pushing a gay agenda with his "Same Love" song. He reveals that he thinks both Frank Ocean and Macklemore are pushing their gay agenda for fame. Rugged Man also believes that the industry pushes softer rappers for mainstream audiences, because the so called "Gangsta" rappers are too scary for the upper class audience.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Radio B - "Invisible Bully" (Prod. by The Stoop Kid) - {Audio}

Inline image 1
Radio B celebrates his birthday I few days ago by releasing a new record "Invisible Bully", and pushing rappers around on the school yard on some bully s#@!.  Raw and gritty production from my dude The Stoop Kid.  Short but every so sweet HipHop in its purist from.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Bizzy Crook - "Pound Cake" (Freestyle) - {Audio}

Inline image 1

Bizzy Crook is dropped something new for fans just in time for the holidays. Currently on the Homegrown Tour with Chris Webby, Dec. 12th, 2013, Bizzy premiered his new track, "Pound Cake" freestyle, exclusively on The Source'swebsite. The track uses one of this years most popular beats and showcases Bizzy's ability to not only rap but tell a story. 
Bizzy is an independent artist hailing from Miami. The rising rapper has been gaining attention and praise over the last year through his new mixtape, '84, and through working with artists like Estelle Nelly.  Be on the look out for 84' "Off Season" dropping Dec. 27th.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Real HipHop Head Presents: The Best (So Far) Of SwervE - {Audio}

Displaying Swerve Best Of So Far.jpg
Swerve, a Sacramento CA native made his first appearance on the scene early 2012 with his 2DopeBoyz and Kevinnottingham sponsored "Cold Winters & Warm Whiskey" series.  Since then he has released a slew of material including Cold Winters & Warm Whiskey 2, The Pay Day EP, Inhale Exhell, The Barrelhouse LP, and a variety of loosies which can all be found on Swerve's Bandcamp.  He might just be HipHop's hardest working new comer when you consider all of this material has been released in under 2 years. It doesn't take but a quick Google search to find a variety of write ups, and reviews, articles, etc.. and you would be hard pressed to find anything negative about this Emcee anywhere. His intricate, real life, introspective, lyricism seems to be what really draws the fans into Swerve's world over and over again including a variety of really laid back, jazzy production from the likes of J57, DJ Mentos, Rav.P, D-Rock, and many others. Basically, Swerve is the full package for lovers of underground HipHop like myself. This is a 22 track introduction for anyone looking to get into Swerve's catalog but doesn't know where to start or is just looking for one kick ass mix that you can keep on repeat for quite some time.  Enough of the introduction check the tracks below and tell us what did you think.


1. Love, Loss, Interlude (prod. D-Rock Melodeez)
2. 'Til The Sun (prod. D-Rock)
3. Don't Judge
4. Yesterday's Gone f. Co$$ (prod. DJ Mentos)
5. Wasting Away f. Ridla (prod. DGS)
6. LyfeGoes(Cycles) (Prod. Rav.P)
7. Tryna Get Paid
8. The Getaway (prod. J57)
9. True Story (prod. Ops)
10. No Lifeguard On Duty feat. Rav.P (prod. D-Rock)
11. So Many Days f. Sene (prod. D-Rock)
12. Gotta Be More(Than)
13. Rav.P & Swerve - Have(nots) (prod.Soulful)
14. I Have Love (prod. Heikki Hoo)
15. 2023 (prod. Vanilla)
16. Different Shades
17. Life, Once Again. (prod. Ridla)
18. Cold Winters, Warm Whiskey (prod. Ops)
19. Long Blue Dreams (prod. Ridla)
20. You Trippin' (prod. D-Rock)
21. Not So EZ
22. Love. (prod. DJ Mentos)

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Don Anthony - "Calmer Dayz" (Prod by Dre Brown) - {Audio}

Don Anthony - Calmer Dayz Prod. By Dre Brown
Don Anthony drops his first official single off his upcoming EP titled "4 Year Plan".  He's been working on this joint for a minute now I'm looking forward to hear the rest of the CD this joint is dope.  Checkout the track below and tell us what you think.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Immortal Technique Speaks About Fake HipHop With Jason Parker - {Video}

In a compelling interview, Jason Parker speaks the legendary underground HipHop artist Immortal Technique. Probably one of the smart rappers who has ever picked up the mic.  Checkout the video below and leave a comment. 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ryshon Jones & Thelonious Marti - "Three Kay" - {Audio}

Inline image 1
Ryshon Jones and Thelonious Martin come together for the latest release from the Philadelphia emcee's upcoming album Track Fifteen"Three Kay". Point blank, this is rap in it's rawest form. He doesn't want to offer up too much information about the song as he wants the music to speak for itself. He does however give us a reveal of the projects cover (attached below), which is a message he received from a fan a year and a half ago. He says "There is nothing I could come up with for the artwork that would speak louder than these words and it plays a big part of the inspiration behind the project. I'm excited for people to see what special guests I have brought in as well as the visuals and music to come." Look for Track Fifteen to be released early next year. Now this is Real HipHop make sure you checkout the link below and support.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Kevin Harts Let's It All Hang Out During His Interview With Sway - {Video}

Funny-man, Kevin Hart, made some time to stop by Sirius XM's Town Hall and speak to Sway, and a live audience, about what he has been working on. 
In the interview, he opens up about real-life situations and is candid about the time he cheated on his ex wife, and why all the circumstances he has been in, has made him a better man.  Of course he made Sway and the audience laugh along the way. Watch below, this was an excellent interview. 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Lord Jamar Explains His "White Rappers Are Just Visitors In HipHop" Comment - {Video}

Brand Nubian rapper Lord Jamar responds to different rappers reacting to his claims about white rappers being guests in hip-hop, and explains that he was just sharing his opinion on the matter, but denies that he was racist. He views each response individually, including Hopsin, Schoolboy Q, Rittz, Pusha T, and Royce da 5'9", sharing what he thought about each interview. 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Trinidad James Explains His Side Of The So Called Maino Beef - {Video}

Trinidad Jame$ spoke to VladTV about his ongoing issues with Maino regarding comments he made about NYC music and radio personnel. Jame$ and Maino both spoke about the situation over the phone but it was unclear if they officially resolved their issues or not. Maino came in to our VladTV office to address the situation and share his reasons for taking up issues with Jame$ in defense of his city.

While Trinidad spoke with VladTV, he explained that he in no way intended for his comments to come off as disrespectful towards New York, but rather that he was just keeping it real with the way music is handled in New York. He also denied being responsible for the phone conversation between himself and Maino being released, and also clarified that he and Maino were never previously acquainted with each other.  I'm not a fan of Jame$ myself but he's probably one of the most confusing individuals as of lately. He do so much double and contradictory talk I never understand nor do I believe what he's saying.  You be the judge checkout the interview below and tell us what you think. 

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Schoolboy Q Tells Vlad Tv That P.Diddy Is His Idol - {Video}

West Coast rapper Schoolboy Q opens up on why Diddy is his idol, and shares a story about going to the music mogul's house. He explains how his nickname "Puffy" came about, why Diddy thought he was dissing him, and what their conversation was like during their meeting.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

"The Boondocks" Is Set Getting Ready To Release A New Season Starting January 2014

There are few things loved more on television than the hit TV show, “The Boondocks.”  The show achieved major landmarks in viewership and the iconic characters are quoted all over the place.  But it seems to have been ages since the show last released a new episode, and viewers are getting antsy.   The first episode aired eight years ago, and the show has only produced three seasons since that time.
The Boondocks has faced possible legal action from those that it has challenged, including BET and Tyler Perry. The show’s insinuation that Perry was secretly gay led to a strong backlash from the filmmaker and outrage from some of his fans.  The BET-centered episode, called The Uncle Ruckus Reality Show,” featured BET as a pathetic, destructive network that fed off increased ignorance among the African American community.  They even implied that BET executives get upset whenever they hear about a black person learning how to read.
The new season in 2014 features 20 episodes, to the delight of the show’s hardcore fans.  The popular show started as a comic strip in “The Diamondback,” the student newspaper at The University of Maryland.
Ironically, the show was actually taken to the airwaves initially in a partnership between creator Aaron McGruder and former BET president, Reginald Hudlin.  The deal fell through with the Fox network, who found it difficult to make the show suitable for television.  This is strange, since Fox already distributes the shows, Family Guy, American Dad and The Cleveland Show, all of which are just as controversial as The Boondocks.
After the deal with Fox fell through, Hudlin left the project, which might be why McGruder makes fun of him during his BET episode.  But for contractual reasons, the show must give Hudlin credit for being an executive producer for the show.  We’re not sure how he feels about McGruder’s decision to bash BET.
To feed your nostalgia, here’s a clip from a classic Boondocks episode.  This season has been years in the making, so it should be a good one.

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Benjamin AD - "Captain's Log" - {Video}

London's finest Benjamin AD is back with a bang, unveiling a new video and news of an EPThe rapper has announced that his forthcoming acknowledgements EP will be released on December 15th, and offers a taste of what's to come with the video for his new song, Captain's Log. The track features the vocal talents of J.Warner and regular collaborator C-Major on production.

Following the acclaim and respect earned from last year's Chapter 0.5 - The Prologuemixtape, which saw comparisons with J.Cole and Lupe Fiasco in the blogosphere, Benjamin is taking things up a notch with his new project, and Captain's Log is just the start of an exciting few months ahead for the Lewisham artist, who was at one time signed to Universal Records alongside brother Young Adz

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Femi The DriFish & The Out of Water eXperience

Femi The DriFish & The Out of Water eXperience which include members The DriFish, Alexis, Mo-Rece, Spyda, KP, Chuck the Madd Ox, andTony Love. Bring your out of town and in town family & friends to hear your poems, song lyrics, or rhymes to the very last Reciprocity happening this Saturday with Special guest feature JaHipster once from the DMV now residing in Ohio. Hosted by David Ross/Native Son. Doors open at 8:30pm, located at Aesthetics Boutique (parking lot behind the building), 6400 Frederick Rd, Cationsville, MD. Admission is $10.
Friday, December 6th 2013 One Koast Entertainment presents Maryland's Finest Concert at Rams Head Live featuring Femi The DriFish & The Out Of Water eXperience among the line up of musical acts for the night. WE have $12 tickets where they're $15 at the door. Hit me up for tickets or purchase online at www.AnArtKeyMusic.com
We'll be rocking some new songs and I'll be nude only wearing a dashiki thong.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Elementz Emcee - "Too Much" (Ft. Tragedy Tha Beast) - {Audio}

Pure success for Emcees in today's music scene should require talent, ambition, passion and a good work ethic. Something that Chicago, IL native Elementz Emcee embodies as a hip hop artist. Influences from legendary Emcees such as Rakim, Nas, Eminem, Jay-Z, Kurupt, GZA/Genius and Common have greatly contributed to the upstart of an artist that respects dope lyrics, banging beats and overall great music that calls for longevity.
Writing his first song at the age of 11, the story behind his rap moniker didn't evolve until his freshman year attending Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. "One of the guys that hosted an open mic on campus gave me the name Elementz because I switched my style up every other rhyme", he says. "I learned from the best in the game. From Rakim to Nas, Big Daddy Kane to Jay-Z, Kool G Rap to Wu-Tang, I paid attention to the importance of flow and wordplay. These were some of artists that influenced me to be different in the way that I wrote raps and really inspired me to be the best at what I do."
A year later, he returned home to Chicago to pursue his college degree at Columbia College Chicago with a concentration in Music Business. While attending Columbia, he would soon meet future collaborators and members of a crew he created named RedLineConnexion -- artists who represented the entire city of Chicago connected through the Red Line train system that connects to all parts of the city in some way.
After completing his Bachelor's degree in 2010, Elementz turned his focus to starting his own music project and is currently in the final stages of completing his debut album entitled Open Bar. With a strong production team from Nascent & QB, Trox, Wes P., ILL Brown, 42 Keez, Trumaine Beats, Greystorm and guest features from Scheme, Dawreck of Triple Darkness, Tragedy Tha Beast, DOC and a host of others, Elementz aims to generate a heavy buzz in today's rap world for a long time.

Friday, November 29, 2013

PsynLangwage - "Closed Captions" LP - {Audio}

DaDestroya, Negrosapien and HemmRage were raised in the quiet town of Chateauguay, Quebec. As children, they recorded songs and radio broadcasts amongst themselves for fun on tape cassettes. In the 1990s, the three brothers had a chance encounter with the HipHop legend, Special Ed who coincidentally, also happened to be their uncle (or, 'big cousin' as they call him). This was the start of it all. As youths they were further inspired by acts as unique as Wu-Tang, as eccentric as A Tribe Called Quest and as underground as Necro. It was necessary for them to develop their own method, and later, their own controversial beliefs concerning music in general.

DaDestroya, passed the time writing rap verses during high school classes and insulting local up and coming rappers during lunch hours. He held a fundamental belief as to how music should be made. Few agreed with his opinions and instead chose “imitation instead of innovation”. His adamant refusal to this way of life led to his assembling a group of rebels in his school known as Tha’ Rappture. The group disbanded after conflicts of interest in the other members’ personal lives. But he continued on, along with his fundamentalist HipHop beliefs.

Negrosapien, who at the time wrote poetry in his book of rhymes, joined forces with DaDestroya to continue the struggle. He brought a persona never before seen in Montreal, a demeanor as unique as his personality and a voice as commanding as a dictator. The two formed a formidable alliance, and eventually released 4 EPs (Bereavement, The Death Weapon EP, The Earth Is Flat EP and and The Human Error EP), each of which gained airplay on the local radio stations in their area. The group began to garner more attention locally and otherwise.

HemmRage, who supported his brothers from the beginning, mastered the craft of producing music in private. He too began working alongside the two brothers, which led to a big shift. From that point forward, their group had changed forever. No longer did they depend on anyone other than themselves for support as they did in the beginning. Their music was their own. The beats and especially the lyrics, came entirely from their heart and soul. Calling themselves PsynLangwage was the result of being determined to:

PsynLangwage is a REVOLUTION for all music lovers.
It is not rap music, it is not hip-hop music, and it’s definitely not country. This is PsynLangwage.
And their passion? Getting YOU to PSYN UP.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Dessy Hinds - "P.E.nlightenment" - {Audio}

Another dope Emcee from the Pro Era movement Dessy Hinds, did his thing on this track.  But enough of me I'll let the young blood express himself.
"Knowing how much life has offered me with music, knowledge, and the balance of support from my Pro's and fans, it feels right to only bless the ears with this particular track "P.E.nlightenment" to continue to open the eyes and minds of a smarter generation. It's only the beginning."
-the IllMindedChild Dessy Hinds.
One love.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Bizz-E Blaze - "Bizzography" LP - {Audio}

Displaying BizzOgraphy.jpeg
New York lives on. Bizz-E Blaze, Brooklyns rising MC brings you his newest/biggest installment yet "BizzOgraphy". With singles such as Heather, R.A.W. and Who The Man, Bizz-E truly masters this project from top to bottom and allows you to take a walk in a Flatbush kids shoes and undoubtedly continues to make a large imprint on the entire industry separating himself from the rest with his demeanor and tone.  He's definitely now following any trends that's what set him apart from the rest.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Proper - "Waiting To Excel Pt. 2: Labor Pains LP" - {Audio}

Waiting To Excel Pt. 2: Labor Pains cover art

Waiting to Excel Pt. 2: Labor Pains is the second offering from Proper of Pride & Purpose in the “Excellence” series. It is the semi-autobiographical story of a man staying true to himself while achieving his goals. As kind to everyone in life, Proper navigates his way through proverbial potholes and wrong turns on the road to success, all while maintaining a balance in his relationships with his friends, family, spouse, and most importantly himself. 

Proper delves deeper in the theory of chasing dreams as an individual while existing in mainstream society. He follows the path of creating opportunities as a dreamer while enjoying the spoils and experiencing the toils of laboring for Corporate America. A theory he has coined as “Labor vs. Work.” Proper portrays a persona in Corporate America that is matter of fact, succinct, and even keeled. This persona is offered with effort on his part while repressing the attributes he learned growing up in Richmond, CA, a city that preys on the meek in place of prayer during hard times. 

While adapting to this commercial environment, and with the support of his other half, Proper maintains his focus on excellence, using his dreams to propel him through reality.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Chin & Peezv - "Persevere" (Ft. Phacade) - {Video}

Chin & Peezy of the Boston HipHop group Fountain of Youth have released their newest mixtape, Chin x Peezy: The Mind's Eye. The Mind's Eye is a deep look into the minds of the Fountain of Youth lyricists. The vibrant sounds reminiscent of the Golden Era of Hip Hop, combined with the raw talent and passion fueling this duo creates a mixtape your favorite rapper couldn't put down if he tried. The debut single from The Mind's Eye 'Persevere featuring Phacade garnered 16K in views on Youtube, creating growing buzz surrounding this classic tape. From opening up chakras in your third eye with tantalizing rhymes to entering a musical fourth dimension with rhythmic strings guiding you along the way, this Mixtape is a literal trip.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

M-Dot x Nutso x DJ LP2 - "You Ain't Ready" - {Video}

M-DOT & NUTSO  just released You Ain't Ready' (Produced By Midiflash) and cuts by DJ LP2_.  Now this is HipHop in its purest form, this is the S#@! I grew up on I'm glad to some Emcees are keeping it alive.  This is B-Boy style at it's finest.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Peter Jackson Puts His Own Twist On The Single "Never Surrender" - {Video}

Every week until the new year, Peter Jackson will be releasing a Freestyle & a Video to follow of all the Hottest Records in the Industry. This is the 5th one to be released called "Never Surrender", The Original was by DJ Khaled feat Scarface, Jadakiss, Meek Mill, Anthony Hamilton, John Legend, & AKON.  And despite the auto-tune in this cut and you know how much we HATE that, this joint is off the chain.  Check my man out below he goes H.A.M.

Directed By Captured Film & Photography

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Alex Aff Drops The New Single "Demons" Off His Debut Project "Who Knows Who Cares" - {Video}

Alex Aff is a HipHop artist hailing from Durham NC, he returns with a new visual for his lyrical, emotionally driven song entitled 'Demons' off his 2nd visual aid from his debut project entitled "Who Knows Who Cares". We need to support young artist like Alex to ensure Real HipHop stays alive.