Real HipHop Head Presents: The Best (So Far) Of SwervE - {Audio}

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Swerve, a Sacramento CA native made his first appearance on the scene early 2012 with his 2DopeBoyz and Kevinnottingham sponsored "Cold Winters & Warm Whiskey" series.  Since then he has released a slew of material including Cold Winters & Warm Whiskey 2, The Pay Day EP, Inhale Exhell, The Barrelhouse LP, and a variety of loosies which can all be found on Swerve's Bandcamp.  He might just be HipHop's hardest working new comer when you consider all of this material has been released in under 2 years. It doesn't take but a quick Google search to find a variety of write ups, and reviews, articles, etc.. and you would be hard pressed to find anything negative about this Emcee anywhere. His intricate, real life, introspective, lyricism seems to be what really draws the fans into Swerve's world over and over again including a variety of really laid back, jazzy production from the likes of J57, DJ Mentos, Rav.P, D-Rock, and many others. Basically, Swerve is the full package for lovers of underground HipHop like myself. This is a 22 track introduction for anyone looking to get into Swerve's catalog but doesn't know where to start or is just looking for one kick ass mix that you can keep on repeat for quite some time.  Enough of the introduction check the tracks below and tell us what did you think.


1. Love, Loss, Interlude (prod. D-Rock Melodeez)
2. 'Til The Sun (prod. D-Rock)
3. Don't Judge
4. Yesterday's Gone f. Co$$ (prod. DJ Mentos)
5. Wasting Away f. Ridla (prod. DGS)
6. LyfeGoes(Cycles) (Prod. Rav.P)
7. Tryna Get Paid
8. The Getaway (prod. J57)
9. True Story (prod. Ops)
10. No Lifeguard On Duty feat. Rav.P (prod. D-Rock)
11. So Many Days f. Sene (prod. D-Rock)
12. Gotta Be More(Than)
13. Rav.P & Swerve - Have(nots) (prod.Soulful)
14. I Have Love (prod. Heikki Hoo)
15. 2023 (prod. Vanilla)
16. Different Shades
17. Life, Once Again. (prod. Ridla)
18. Cold Winters, Warm Whiskey (prod. Ops)
19. Long Blue Dreams (prod. Ridla)
20. You Trippin' (prod. D-Rock)
21. Not So EZ
22. Love. (prod. DJ Mentos)

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