Trinidad James Explains His Side Of The So Called Maino Beef - {Video}

Trinidad Jame$ spoke to VladTV about his ongoing issues with Maino regarding comments he made about NYC music and radio personnel. Jame$ and Maino both spoke about the situation over the phone but it was unclear if they officially resolved their issues or not. Maino came in to our VladTV office to address the situation and share his reasons for taking up issues with Jame$ in defense of his city.

While Trinidad spoke with VladTV, he explained that he in no way intended for his comments to come off as disrespectful towards New York, but rather that he was just keeping it real with the way music is handled in New York. He also denied being responsible for the phone conversation between himself and Maino being released, and also clarified that he and Maino were never previously acquainted with each other.  I'm not a fan of Jame$ myself but he's probably one of the most confusing individuals as of lately. He do so much double and contradictory talk I never understand nor do I believe what he's saying.  You be the judge checkout the interview below and tell us what you think. 

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