Ryshon Jones & Thelonious Marti - "Three Kay" - {Audio}

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Ryshon Jones and Thelonious Martin come together for the latest release from the Philadelphia emcee's upcoming album Track Fifteen"Three Kay". Point blank, this is rap in it's rawest form. He doesn't want to offer up too much information about the song as he wants the music to speak for itself. He does however give us a reveal of the projects cover (attached below), which is a message he received from a fan a year and a half ago. He says "There is nothing I could come up with for the artwork that would speak louder than these words and it plays a big part of the inspiration behind the project. I'm excited for people to see what special guests I have brought in as well as the visuals and music to come." Look for Track Fifteen to be released early next year. Now this is Real HipHop make sure you checkout the link below and support.

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