Sean Price - "How Sean P! Stole Christmas" - {Video}

Sean Price has transcended with the ancestors, but his music will live forever. This is my favorite Christmas song of all time.  Make sure while you are giving the Corporations back the hard earned money you made, pay your bills first. When are we going to learn that these Holidays were designed to take your money, ok that's it I'm off my soapbox.  Sean wrote this song but it was all to make fun of the Non-believers, he was a 5 Percenter just like Busta RhymesErykah Badu and myself.  Happy Holidays Mother Suckas...!!  R.I.P. Sean Price!!!


Tha Night Hawks - "In The Studio" - {Officail Video}

Tha Night Hawks are a HipHop collective coming out of Charlotte, NC. The group consists of Charles Herron, Vinny Knuckles & DJ Wizdom. This single is of their new joint which will be announced soon.  Make sure you keep an eye out for this trio, it looks like the cycle of great HipHop is coming back around.  No more "Bling, Bling", well at least for another 20 years.