Dessy Hinds - "P.E.nlightenment" - {Audio}

Another dope Emcee from the Pro Era movement Dessy Hinds, did his thing on this track.  But enough of me I'll let the young blood express himself.
"Knowing how much life has offered me with music, knowledge, and the balance of support from my Pro's and fans, it feels right to only bless the ears with this particular track "P.E.nlightenment" to continue to open the eyes and minds of a smarter generation. It's only the beginning."
-the IllMindedChild Dessy Hinds.
One love.

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  1. I love this song. As a 53 y.o. white professional, I never thought I'd dig hiphop, But back in the 70's I liked smooth R&B; so when I hear hiphop with the either the smooth R&B, jazz, or protest music in the sample, I just love it. It part of what keeps me young. I was always sort of a renegade. Thanks