Dez Nado Releases His New Single "KindaDed" - Audio

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Orlando, Florida Rapper Dez Nado releases the official music video for his latest single “KindaDed”, which was released on iTunes and in September. Riding the buzz from his last single “DoSumn”released March 2013, which features a hook from iconic rapper/producer Kanye West and is arguably Dez’s most successful track to date, “KindaDed” has Dez channeling his inner Jamaican with a hypnotic reggae rhythm mixed with a distinctive hip hop drum loop in the background.

Tapping into his Caribbean roots, Dez says “KindaDed” was influenced by his love for reggae music, and his lifestyle, which he claims is a product of “college years, being young and having fun”. The new song is a track that features production from Rhythm and MgeeZy, who produced fellow Duval rapper and Young Money/Cash Money recording artist T-Rone’s hit “Hello Love” which appeared briefly on BET’s video countdown show 106th & Park. Surprisingly, Dez originally freestyled the song to fill time at a live concert and later decided to record the song after the crowd fell in love with it. “It was just a simple, catchy, party song to a simple reggae rhythm, I had no idea it would turn into something major”, states Dez.

The music video for "KindaDed" was filmed on location at Jacksonville Beach and directed by Dez and St. Augustine-based videographer Rick Frazier. The video features a Weekend at Bernie’s 2 themed storyline that Dez says he came up with; “The video is like a mini movie…it’s definitely the best video I’ve done”. According to Dez, up next is a remix to “KindaDed” that will feature some Duval/Florida heavyweights, and a new track that follows the reggae trend of “KindaDed” featuring Lionheart and Elephant Man. Let us know how you feel about this artist below.

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