MKV & Concept - "Stay Strong" - Official Video

MKV & Concept – “When The Pieces Come Together” is a fresh free release from Essenchill Records. The project is a collaboration from Chicago born MC MKV and New Zealand producer Concept.

It’s not so much about music coming together; it’s about having a different outlook on our lives. Having the knowledge of self & positivity to see the good in life. Opportunities are always presenting themselves, people come into our lives. Basically it boils down to being centered and grounded. That is when the pieces come together.” – MKV

MKV who now resides in Pittsburgh PA, and is also one half of the group Lucid Music, who have released a substantial amount of music in recent years. Recent 2013 solo releases include the “Changes EP” from MKV & producer Adamatic. MKV has also appeared on SciFiStu’s 2013 project “Reflectionz”.
New Zealand producer Concept is back after his recent release with Ed Rowe entitled “Essenchill” earlier in 2013. In 2011 he also released a solo project entitled “Impromtu Notes”- a jazz inspired project with features from John Robinson, ID4Windz (Scienz of life) & StaHHr.

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