Gilbere Forte Freestyles On Beats TV - VIDEO

 I haven't seen much from the Philly-based lyricist Gilbere Forte since October, when he dropped the title track for PRAYhis forthcoming extended player, but here’s a little something to remind us of his talents and prepare us for the release of next year’s project.
In the video below, Forte stops by the Beats TV offices to deliver a short (but dope) freestyle, following in the footsteps of other talented rappers such as Stalley, Ab-Soul and Mikkey Halsted, and blessing the Beats HQ with some similarly dexterous bars. With passionate delivery and complex, flowing rhyme schemes, he interweaves some vivid snapshots of the street into one smart freeverse, I present to you exhibit A, this dude got skills lets hope the right people recognize that and put him on.

 I’m up early in the morning / Gotta thank god / Sunshine, light brighter than the lights in that night sky / Ghetto birds spotlight on the corners where the hustlers ride / Baby mama, drama strapped in the passenger side / But I don’t let it cloud my day / Only clouds I see is from the kush or the haze / I watch flowers grow that have never seen rain / And the hearts of these critics never seen pain / Send my salaam to the brothers that need change  /There are no parked cars in this one man lane…

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