How Hip-Hop Conquered The World (Part 1)

( 4UMF NEWS ) How Hip-Hop Conquered The World (Part 1):
What started out in the park evolved into a massive money-making business, pulling in billions of dollars every year. From Jay-Z and billionaire Warren Buffent posing on the cover of Forbes magazine toNicki Minaj’s endorsement deal with Pepsi, hip-hop has showed its reach and marketing power over the world.
Former drug dealers turned rappers are now CEOs and record label executives. Retired pimps turned rappers are on prime time television. Hip-hop has infiltrated just about every aspect of today’s society. Turn on the television and hear your favorite rap song during a Ford commercial. Go to the theater to see a gangsta rapper who originally said “f*ck the police” star in a family movie. Buy an HP laptop withDr. Dre’s Beats Sound System. There’s no escaping hip-hop. But it wasn’t always this way.
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