Love & Hip Hop’s Top 10 One Liners

( 4UMF NEWS ) Love & Hip Hop’s Top 10 One Liners:
If you’re anything like me, the one good thing about the weekend coming to an end is knowing that Vh1‘s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta will be on Monday night. I have been hooked on that show from the moment we were introduced to Mimi, Joseline and Stevie J and the sloppiness of their lives in that first episode.
Though I am curious about what will happen next (will Mimi really break things off with Stevie J or will she take him back yet again?), what keeps me coming back for more are the one liners on the show. Joseline and K.Michelle have said some of the funniest comments on the show but the other cast mates have slid in some good ones, too.
Here’s my list of the top 10 one liners from Love & Hip Hop. Keep in mind that some of the one liners are a little longer than one line but so what? It’s my post.
Top 10 One Liners
10. Scrappy: “She was T-T-G: Trained To Go. You feel me?”
9. K.Michelle: “You look like you’re going to the red carpet at the Grammy’s but the knock-off one.” (K.Michelle just does not like Karlie…)
8. Erica: “Damn, it just got real!” (It really did because Stevie J got his behind whupped for coming out of his mouth sideways.)
 7. Ariane: “I was embarrassed. And that ain’t even my nigga.” (Ariane has had it with Stevie J and what’s crazy is that ain’t even her nigga.)
6. K.Michelle: “You 50! You need to be preparing for retirement or something.” ( K.Michelle stays taking shots at Karlie.)
5. Stevie J: “I didn’t take her down.” (Mimi confronts him about sleeping with yet another broad at the club but Stevie J was adamant he didn’t take her down.)
4. Mama Dee: “She made me feel like I should’ve came out of retirement.I should’ve put that bitch on the track, you feel me…” (Mama Dee’s testimonial was an instant classic and she really got on Scrappy‘s ex, Diamond.)
3. K.Michelle: “That girl came to be messy, messy, messy. Her face is messy. Her clothes are messy. Her jewelry is messy. Her attitude is messy Her ass lopsided and messy.” (K.Michelle clearly does not like Karlie because she’s messy, messy, messy.)
2. Joseline: “What good business is it for me to do a song with a 40-year-old?” (Stevie J has a sit down with Joseline and Karlie to discuss the two collaborating together for a song and Joseline just wasn’t trying to hear it.)

1. Joseline: “Say hello when you come in the room first. Be polite. Sit down.” (Joseline completely sons Karlie when Karlie comes into the studio looking for Stevie J and for that she earns the number one spot.)

If your favorite one liners didn’t make the list, fear not; there were so many left over that I may do a part two…

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