Saturday Willie Taylor Ready To Stand Alone - We all watched as Diddy put together the talents of 5 young men, Willie, Robert, Mike, Brian and Que on MTV's Making the Band 4.  We may have even all cheered for their success and crossed our fingers that they would not meet the same fate as Da Band and Danity Kane.  After 5 years of trying to hold the group together, (despite Que quitting the group in 2009) the remaining members decide to part ways. 

The group released an official statement on July 16th informing their fans that the group had decided to break up and focus on individual projects.     Willie, of Illinois spoke with about the break and his next steps.

Willie acknowledged that the success of the group was only possible because of Diddy and Bad Boys and that there is definitely not a Bad Boy Curse. He indicated that the break had more to do with each member living so far apart and their varying ideas of the groups direction.   
Willie has just released a single " Instagram" that he wrote and is currently working on the "Reintroduction of Willie Taylor".  He just completed a play "A Fool and His Money" and a movie "Note to Self" and has several label deals on the table.  Right now Willie is grinding and ready to demonstrate to his fans that he can stand alone.

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