Considering the fact that Lauryn Hill is mostly M.I.A., Mc Lyte doing other things, Queen Laitfah has gone Hollywood, Foxy Brown is deaf, Lil Kim is seeking a new fan base, Eve has gone Hollywood too. SA-ROC is the best female Emcee out today...PERIOD. Name she is teaming up with DJ Premier on this funky a**  track. Check this Sh** out.

Here are the Lyrics: The world is a hologram. Solidly projected on the masses by the hollow man. We lost our minds like that old school Apollo fan, curl dripping pulling at his legs begging for a chance. If he so great, why he copy all your wild style, pow wow with oracles and download your main file, call that shit his brain child and leave you with aborted dreams, feed you on the carcass in the darkness call it soylent green. i woke up when the corporation made the towers fell, then blamed his partner had the world believe a fairy tale. They tried to make it pretty, powder puffs and cheap perfumes, I couldn't keep from gagging daily off the sour smell. so now im yelling extra extra, raps is part jewels, part bombs, half lecture. Eff what the blogs say, I wanna hear what god say. then I'll pass the word until the people heard they sovereign.

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