The Renaissance Of Salkis Re - {Official Article}

If you want to know what a modern renaissance woman looks like, well allow me to introduce to you Salkis Re.  What is a renaissance person? I'm sure there are many definitions of this word but quite frankly it's the ability to "Master many skills" (said in my karate movie  Salkis Re is the kind of artist that comes around every 50 years.  

Her artwork and personality have touched many individuals around the world, in some cases it has saved lives.  In her short life she has mastered the art of Hairstylist, Motivational Speaker, Teacher, Life Coach and Painter. But this is only the short list of her repertoire she has many others.  This is what REal HipHop is all about, it's being able to inspire people through your art of expression and Salkis Re has mastered this skill effortlessly.  Let's support REal talent you can learn more about her artwork at

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