C.M.J. - "Tie-Dye Sky" - {Video}

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His name is Christopher Michael Jensen who also goes by his stage name C.M.J., a 27-year-old HipHop artist from Minneapolis.  C.M.J. has been gracing the Mic for 14 years now so when he sent me his video"Tie-Dye Sky" from The Chris Tape, Volume Two, I was like HELL NO..!!! The title threw me off so I was about to erase the email but my staff seem to like this kid so I decided to give it second look.  Ok I must say this is not the typical song I would gravitate to but I must admit I love the message and the hook is kind of catchy.  Which brings me to my point, HipHop was not meant to be kept in a box, it has truly evolved into many sub-genres over the years.  I'm a firm believer that there is a Genre of HipHp for everyone, besides I love originality which is what C.M.J. represents. This song was produced by Megan Hamilton, with cuts and scratches from Epistêmê. The video is directed by Elliot Malcolm for dharmaHYPE.  Okay enough name dropping go check this kid out he has something positive to say.

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