Velly Marsh - "#FeelMe" EP - {Audio}

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Anthony Marshall aka Velly Marsh is a 21 yr old underground Emcee from Sacramento, CA, and a current student at American River College. By day he is Anthony Marshall an Audio Engineering student who is taking classes for his Associates of Art degree. By night he's Velly Marsh, an underground Emcee who spits that REal HipHop which talks about his political views, life lessons, and the events around him that affected his life. 

Unlike most young rappers Velly can be described as more of a introspective and socially aware Emcee, which contributes heavily to his sound.His body of work is titled "#FeelMe(EP)" is Velly's first release to the public. With that being said, this short album is an introduction to who he is, and what we can expect from him.  If you want change in our music we need to support artist like Velly they are future of REal HipHop's survival.

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  1. Thank you Knowledge! Much appreciation sir #Salute !