Jadakiss - Travels to Africa

Visiting the Motherland has always been a dream of mines since I was 19. I've always wondered if my ancestors weren't enslaved where would be as a race. It always bothered me that there was a disconnect between black Africans and black Americans. Why do we dislike each other so much since we don't even know each other. I'm glad over time black Americans are slowly by surely reconnecting to our ancestry. Unfortunately most of our visits to African are because turmoil or inhumane conditions. With the rapid spreading of A.I.D.S.there we are losing what's left of out history. Jadakiss is one of many HipHop Emcees trying to use his fame and status to make a difference. The strong is suppose to help the weak its the way our society survives. But more than often celebrities are caught up in self loathing and greed. All I'm saying you don't need 10 million dollars a year to survive but most of us when we make more we spend more. This is part of our selfish culture state of mind and if we don't stop this kind of mindset we will eventually be extinct. When there is no government,laws, or police to call your money will not make a difference because it really has no value anyway. When those same people you could have helped rob you for your food and water its' going to be too late for redemption. Survival of the fittest will be the only law left...

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