Dimepeace - "Maybe It's Us" - {Official Video}

These guys are notorious in the Montreal’s underground HipHop scene for their exciting beat instrumentals, beatmakers Beatlicka and Fivepee are making a name for themselves in HipHop.  But collaboratively they are known as Dimepeace and they released their first project "Maybe It’s Us " last year.  After topping the charts and crafting hits for many of Montreal's up and coming  Emcees, Dimepeace thought it would be a great idea release a full LP just for the Real HipHop heads. Their beatmaking roots travels back to the simpler's more authentic times of the great Madvillain (Madlib & MF Doom) and J Dilla, to whom they pay homage to with a couple dedicated tracks.  Beatlicka and Fivepee are taking us back to the classic Golden Era, with those Boom Bap flavored instrumentals, those big bass head bobbing beats with a twist of soulful jazz jams.  It's time for more American people to start embracing Historical HipHop before everyone else start doing it better than us.  

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