To Have Sex Or Not To Have Sex ?

I know it's ridiculous to disassociate sex between a man and a woman, it's part of our human nature to be carnal and lustful. The reality is when a foundation has not been established sex becomes just an act of temporal pleasures leaving the soul in an emptier state it was before the act. To those looking for a good time and care for the act alone will go unphased, and will disagree but after many encounters and after time the realization of being alone catches up to an empty state of loneliness. To those looking for love and the idealism of love and those who give in to the act without knowing the person just because the idea of, "He/She could be the one" is formed in the mind. The trip back home after all has been said and done is a lonely trip back, because it now has hit the stage of awkward. I mean who want's to call someone back when they know your body composition better than the inner composition? To those married looking for the sexual act to fulfill what lacks at home, the truth is that no matter how you slice it, there is an emptiness missing you try to fulfill which still remains in emptiness. As when the pleasures are fulfilled and you go back, you return to the same emptiness. There are gazillions reasons why men and woman do the do, but sex with out meaning is just lonely sex in the end. It may fulfill a temporal need or desire, but the most important need goes unfazed and that is fulfillment of the soul. Humanity will continue to have random sexual encounters, spreading illnesses, deceases, unplanned children, unwanted children, and after it's all been done and said. Sex with out a foundation it's just an empty state of loneliness. Think about this before you open your legs or push it in, because the sad truth is that no matter how you slice it someone has taken advantage of you to fulfill an empty desire of their lonely state. Experience is that best teacher and I've learned the hard way ...peace Fam..

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