Switzerland's Own Juellz' Release His New LP "JEWELZ" - AUDIO

Coming out of Switzerland we got 22 year old Juellz'  who just released his first LP "JEWELZ". He does a great job of not following any clichées, JEWELZ is a collection of creative and inspirational tunes of many Rap Sub-Genres.  The album features artists such as Has-Lo, KC da Rookee and Rek just to name a few.  I can honestly say some of the tracks are not my preferred style of rap while the others are right up my alley.  Lyrically this dude is consistently sound, I especially love the track featuring K-Rino TORVET SOI that joint goes hard.  I like that Juellz' is not afraid to take risk, it shows that he's trying to find his voice in the HipHop arena.  Checkout the CD below and let me know what you think.

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