Marvwon, Noyz Denali & 11:23PM - "Dreamin" - (Prod. by SuperScrull) - AUDIO
 This is the first single off of the forthcoming production album by SuperScrull entitled "Castle Grey Scrull".  Marvwon of battle rap infamy; King of the Dot, Grind Time Now, URL Smack TV, WRC, and Jumpoff pretty much any league involving the Battle Rap World.  Joined by Marvwon for this song is Brain Kave Music Group's own Noyz Denali with that street flavor and 11:23PM of Brikaza Records.  This will be the first single of a compilation album produced by SuperScrull which will feature established artists in the industry along with new up and comings artist as well.  I love to see HipHop artist work together on projects like this, and it's great to see the Battle Rappers get some shine as well.  Some say Battle Rappers are one dimensional but look at Immortal Technique or KRS-One...exactly stop putting people in a box.  This song "Dreamin" is dope it definitely have some Lyrical Beast on this track, check it out below and tell us what you think.