Olu Releases His New Single "Lucid Dreams" - AUDIO
 Right after dropping his full-length project Ordinary People, Olu is back and this time with "Lucid Dreams" which is on some smooth hypnotic type beat from Juhkel featuring samples from Yuna, I Love It..!!  I really like this dudes style very mellow but lyrics are still on point without changing his tone.  I liked it so much I went and downloaded his Ordinary People LP as well I put a sample of that below as well.  I like artist who are not afraid to be themselves and show respect to this art form we call HipHop, we need more Emcees like OluI'm not saying go bite his style just be yourself in the booth and the fans will respect you.  Why do you think a lot of people laughed at Rick Ross when it appeared someone was trying to kill him? Anyway let me get off my soapbox. Go check my man Olu out below he's the real deal.