Cannibal Ox Art Contest (Deadline Is March 1st)
 Cannibal Ox is going to be releasing a new maxi single through there very own IGC Records imprint and wanted to give there true fans a chance to be apart of there musical revolution and artistic expression by having an international art contest for there forthcoming maxi-single due this spring! 

Rules & Conditions

1.      Must be 18 years of age to enter.
2.      All art must be original, completed with no text or words {Black & White is allowed}
3.      CONTESTANTS must draw up whatever comes to their mind when they hear our music and say our name CANNIBAL OX! We want a raw gritty pic based off of  our first cover The Cold Vein. Use your imagination don’t be sacred.
4.      Subject in email should read; Cannibal Ox Art Contest- Artist name
5.      Inside your email give a simple background story of where you are from, why you love art and how you got into CANNIBAL OX’S music.
6.      All contestants must submit one piece of artwork along with a $5 submission fee. Additional art shall be accepted as long as $5 fee is covered with each picture.
7.      Contest starts now and ends 3-1-2013 at 12 noon eastern time
8.      You will only be contacted if you become a finalist (there will only be four finalists)
9.      If you do not win your art will not be used. And your submission fee is non refundable!
There will be three runner up’s and one first place winner. The three run up’s will get free music and a shout out in credits with their websites. The first place winner’s art will be used as our single cover for our new maxi-single that will be released on Vinyl and Digital Format in the spring of 2013.
So get your artwork ready and send 5$ to this email {PAYPAL ONLY} and send your final artwork submission to (artwork only)

 All artwork will be reviewed by Cannibal Ox only!  Good luck!
Vast Aire & Vordul Mega