R.I.P. To A Legend In His Own Right Tim Dog
Rapper Tim Dog Just pasted away yesterday from complications with diabetes at the age of 46.  If you didn't know who Tim Dog was you are really not a fan of HipHop.  He's mostly known for his diss song called "F#@! Compton", which was specifically aimed at the group that put the West Coast on the map,  N.W.A.  It's ashame Tim's career never got to reach its full potential, but I must say he had "King Kong Balls" to take on a whole city by himself.  Checkout the visuals below and listen to KRS-One & Tim Dog do there thing on "I Get Wrecked" and the song that probably started the West Coast / East Coast Beef.

Tim Dogg And KRS-One "I Get Wrecked"