Lord Jamar (of Brand Nubian) Talks To VladTV About Why Some Rappers Today Dress Like Women
 VladTV sits down with Lord Jamar of the Legendary HipHop group Brand Nubian who shares his thoughts on Kanye West wearing a skirt, and says that type of attire has no place in HipHop.  Lord Jamar also breaks down fashion in HipHop history, claiming that Run DMC were the saviors of HipHop's fashion by dressing like "Normal" people in the HipHop community.  I'm going to have to agree with him on this one, it appears when a artist goes "Mainstream" he/she does all type of things to make the powers that be feel more comfortable.  He also says some powerful things about Wiz Khalifa and A.S.A.P. Rocky as well check it out below.