Rey Resurreccion - "87 Octane" - New Release (AUDIO)
  Let me start by giving a formal apology for stereotyping artist from the Bay AreaRey Resurreccion has without a shadow of a doubt open my eyes to a new movement coming from the BayHis new release 87 Octane produced by REL is really dope I can rock this in my whip no doubt.  Now I'm east coast born and old school so you have to understand my Era was about lyrics.  A lost art form these days but Rey is one of those Emcees that is making a valiant attempt to bring HipHop back to it's golden years.  He has a smooth hardcore delivery along with his own "Riff" that's a industry term. Which simple means he doesn't sound like anyone else but himself.  Have you ever noticed how most rappers rap sound the same that's because they are saying different words but the timing is the same.  Yeah well you don't have to worry about that problem with Rey Resurreccion.  Checkout is track below he's the truth.

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