J. Cole - "Truly Yours " (FreEP) - AUDIO

J. Cole releases 5 new songs via his Dream Villain blog. I've heard this dude was talented but I wasn't a believer at first.  Now I can say if he keeps this up he will be the next Hova, no BS.  J. Cole can write most Emcees on the charts now into the ground with little effort.  We don't have many storytellers in the HipHop anymore but when J.Cole writes he's a very talented writer he could write books if he wanted to.  I'm sure he's probably ghost written for a few rappers by now.   I love the independent stuff he does, Truly Yours is definitely going to be Classic in about 10 years.  Checkout the Mixtape below.


  1. Downloading this right now- good looking on the post 2Dopebloggers

  2. glad you finally got into