UnsungHipHop.Com Presents: ATTACK OF THE ZOMBIES

UnsungHipHop.Com ...Presents Attack Of The Zombies (Dysfunctional Brothers Episode 1)  The characters used are BASED ON REAL PEOPLE myself included.  For those who know me know that screenwriting is a passion of mines. I can't draw nor can I act, but everything you see and hear was done by yours truly.  It's just another sick way to make fun of my friends, myself and family members.  We've tolerated each other for over 20 years so this is they way I repay them.  This is my attempt at being funny so sit back and enjoy... and HAPPY HALLOWEEN MOTHERF$#@&!!!!

 Imagine if your friends were trapped in a Zombie Apocalypse.  Who would survive?  Who would punk out? 

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  1. I haven't seen anything this funny since The Boondocks....