Open Letter To Chief Keef



Chief Keef,
I hope this letter reaches you alive and free from incarceration. Looks like you got yourself in a serious mess. Following this whole Lupe Fiasco drama, seems like the media, Facebook, Twitter and anyone with a voice has something to say about you. The truth is, as a 17 year old kid with limited “real” life experience, you’re not really built to handle your new found fame and the predicament you now find yourself in. I know you feel that you have plenty of experience handling shit on your block but this is much bigger than the streets, lil’ homie. Being investigated for your crew’s involvement in the possible murder of a so-called rival may lead to the end to your new found success and freedom.
While I'm disgusted by your behavior and what you project through your image and music, I know that it isn’t completely your fault. You’re a victim of your environment. Southside Chicago is a damn war zone according to what I’ve been told. And what's crazy is how the music industry has managed to exploit you and your environment for profit and entertainment. What you don’t seem to realize is that these industry executives really don't give a shit about you. To them, you're simply a product, something to market and sell as the latest trend. You're a whore being pimped by a system that would see you dead as long as you made them money. The 5 G's you probably have in your pocket right now as you read this make you feel invincible and above criticism. But to Interscope, homie, that's chump change. To them, it's petty cash. To Jimmy Iovine, that's piggy bank money. I'm sure you know how the pimpin’ game works. See the similarities?
These multi-millionaire executives who smile in your face and make you feel like a king have been pimping others way before you were born. They're experts at it. You’re fresh meat right now so they want to make sure you're healthy enough to keep hoein’ for them. Following your disturbing Twitter comments, your label gets a publicist to claim that your account was hacked and then follows it up with inspirational quotes to try to clean up your image so you don't get too bruised up. It's called damage control, crisis management. No one really bought it except for the kids who listen to your music because they're being exploited just like you are. But there's no damage control in the streets. The young brother LilJoJo who your crew allegedly had problems with wasn’t fortunate enough to benefit from the damage control you’ve been provided. You're worth a lot to your label now, not in human value but in dollars. Think lil’ homie. What would a company who’s worked with international superstars for two decades want with you if it wasn't to make a quick buck? It can’t be for your talent. But it's not just your label. Websites and bloggers are just as guilty. They highlight the drama and gossip to bring more web traffic. Do something positive for a change and see how silent they become. But if it's to exploit your violent image, they’ll take you to a gun range, conduct the interview on location, and then have you point a gun at a target just the same way pointing a gun at law enforcement got you arrested a few months prior. The fact that the blog in question eventually removed the interview due to growing pressure doesn’t excuse their complicity in your exploitation.
You got a daughter, homie. Would you let people exploit her like they do you? It would be considered child abuse for an adult to facilitate a minor’s participation in destructive behavior and activities. But wait a minute! Haven't these adult industry execs helped you participate in destructive behavior and activities by knowingly giving you the platform to do so? And they’re even rewarding you for it! Sounds like a whole lot of people need to be investigated for child abuse. But I'm not a social worker so I could be wrong. What I am is someone who's been in the music industry for years and has seen stronger people than you gain a little success, get chewed up, and then spit out by the same people who pretended to support them. And while the real enemies are smiling in your face and feeding your ego, the people who have your best interest at heart are being ridiculed or ignored. You see, although you called Lupe a bitch and threatened to beat his ass, he responded the way a mature and compassionate person would. Try to threaten Jimmy Iovine the same way and see how compassionate he is. You know pimps beat their hoes down when they get “out of line”.
I'm part of a large community of people who can't stand your music and what you represent but would love to take you under their wings because you need guidance. In Chicago alone you got brothers like Lupe and Rhymefest who would be there for you. You have thousands more spread out across the nation who would be more than happy to guide you through this crazy world that your very limited experience hasn't prepared you for. It's bigger then the paper in your pocket, the groupies, and this temporary power you have that will disappear quicker than you think. Once Jimmy and crew are done with you, they’ll get someone else to exploit and you'll find yourself back at square one, a has-been, money wasted on material things, with no real life plan for you and your family. The streets are quick to eat you up once you’re on the block again. Trust me; it's happened to plenty of artists before you.
Keith, keep your eyes open and recognize who your real supporters are. You got people all around the country who want to see you live a long, happy life, even if they don’t like your music. I’m sure you can understand that. But time is running out and your daughter needs her daddy around. Make a change while you still can.

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