Laughs Out Loud With Luenelle

(CelebNMusic247) CNM247 Laughs Out Loud With Luenelle:

CelebNMusic247 sat down with comedian/Actress Luenelle from the new animated movie Hotel Transylvania.
Hotel Transylvania kicks off in the scary forest, a place that caters to monsters. Deep in the woods there is a secret hideaway where monsters go to vacation. The hotel is run by Dracula [Adam Sandler] who is celebrating his daughter’s 118th birthday party.
Luenelle shines as the smart mouthed quick-witted Shrunken Head(s) that is on all the hotel doors. However, Luenelle’s main Shrunken Head which is on the Mavis [Selena Gomez] door interacts with Dracula. She gives him a bad time and knows what he’s up to all the time. Luenelle’s character looks out for Mavis in the Hotel Transylvania.
The saucy Platinum blonde comedian knows how to make a scene work even when her character is only a head on the door.

Listen to Luenelle’s interview with CNM247:

And make sure to stay connected to Luenelle. She is a wonderful lady and will have you in stitches. Besides starring in movies Luenelle stays busy with her comedy tour. She is currently touring right now.
Make sure to check her schedule and comedy dates at:

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