KANYE-WEST DRESSED IN A WHITE TEE AND BLACK JEANS YOU GO BOI - Kanye West and his girlfriend Kim Kardashian did the promo for the Vma’s so when the cameras are rolling and no one got a glimpse of that padded ass~ Inquiring minds wanted to know Where was Kanye and Kim? Kanye gave a lame excuse of not being able to attend due to Kimmy Cakes having a prior fashion engagement, and that was fine last I checked she wasn’t musically inclined…..I don’t think humming on
balls count, she didn’t need to be there.
What about Kanye…Lately they’ve been inseparable…..which speaks large volumes of insecurity….hate to lose another chick to another random dude snatched while under his not so watchful eye, Or could it be since Jay Z and Beyonce wasn’t there, he shouldn’t be there either. The Jayonces’s are vacaying in France and we all know he desperately want that type of magic in his life….who wouldn’t?
Could the real reason be Amber Rose petals? Ye didn’t want to look over while in attendance of the Vma’s and see his darling Amber Rosetonguing down her tatted sweetheart Wiz Khalifa while he’s rubbing her stomach showing off their baby bump….insinuating another man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Kanye didn’t want those cameras to catch the malice and the tears in his eyes.
Mjj says “If his asz was on stage months ago crying and declaring his love for her, seeing her with the man who snatched her up and put a gutful inside would probably be unbearable.”

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