Muhammad Ali Received The Liberty Metal In Philadelphia

MUHAMMAD ALI Awarded The Liberty Medal, In Philadelphia
Muhammad Ali Awarded The Liberty Medal In Philly at The National Constitution.
Muhammad Ali aka "The Greatest" traveled to Philly on September 13, 2012, arrived at The National Constitution Center to receive The Liberty Medal. The Liberty Medal is awarded to a person who displays courage and conviction while striving to secure freedom for people around the world.
Muhammad Ali is known for his "Greatness" inside and outside of the ring. Ali is so deserving of this award, due to his longtime role as a heavyweight for humanitarian causes, civil rights and religious freedom. He's devoted his life to many social causes and international charitable missions during his boxing career and afterwards. In 2005 Ali received the nation's highest civilian honor, The Presidential Medal Of Freedom.
Laila Ali was right by her dad's side as she assisted him to a standing position, placed the medal around his neck and Ali looked down at the Medal and then looked out at the crowd and waved.....what a joyous moment. Laila, who followed in her father's footsteps and carried on his humanitarianism stated "You know, my father loves people and people love my father, and I learned that at a very young age, as people would always come up to him wherever we went," Laila Ali said. "My father has always lived his life to make this world better for others."
During the ceremony Dikembe Montumbu and Joe Louis Barrow II, the son of boxer Joe Louis. spoke words that resonated in the air "Knowing you since I was a little boy has given me a ringside seat to history," an emotional Barrow said. "But it's your character outside the ring that speaks to the hope of the least and lost among us."
The National Constitution Center is dedicated to increasing public awareness of the Constitution and the ideas and values it represent.
Mjj says "This was a Great Moment for a Great Man, Muhammad Ali."

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