Marques Houston Talks About ‘Battlefield America’

CNM.com - Exclusive - Marques Houston Talks ‘Battlefield America’
Marques Houston stars in Battlefield America, written by Chris Stokes who brought you You Got Served.
This time around Houston plays Sean Lewis a successful business man/marketing agent who is about to become partner until he is unexpectedly detoured with community serves.
There he meets Sarah Miller [Mekia Cox] who runs a community center for troubled youth. Marques’ character, Sean is a successful, cocky yet charismatic me type of guy who is forced to teach a bunch of disheveled misfits he dubs as Bad Boy, but the boys and Sean clash. However, Houston’s character finds a way to get along with the “Bad Boys.” He helps them learn to tighten up their dance skills to compete in Battlefield America.
Marques explains to CelebNMusic247 how he was amazed by the kids who were actually in it, battling it out in the film.
Houston chopped it up with CelebNMusic247 telling us how Chris Stokes wanted to explore the world of dance in Marques Houston Is Ready To “Battlefield,” by taking a different approach. This time around instead of doing a movie about adults competing, Houston explains how the movie focusing on 8 to 12 years old kids who actually compete in the Long Beach area.
We here at CelebNMusic247 have to say the movie is entertaining and the dance sequences are filmed great. Stokes uses his signature techniques [the camera shaking] to give viewers the feeling of being in the scene. He has a great approach when filming the actual action, being an action fan.
Marques and I had a great time talking as he explains how they found real kids who were actually battling and could act.
When CNM247 asked him about the evolution of Dance since his days in his early days in the group Immature, Marques explains that dance has truly evolved and has really become whole other thing since his days in the beginning. [Listen to the full interview to hear Marques’ full answer].
Check the interview to get all the details with Marques Houston and what he told CMN247 about Battlefield America.
FYI: For you Marques Houston fans, he revealed exclusively to us that he is working on a new solo album due out in 2013.
Find out which rappers Marques likes these days and what’s up with him and his former Sister Sister stars Tia and Tamara and their new reality series. Get ALL the details and FULL interview with Marques Houston and CelebNMusic247 below:

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