Chrissy & Jim: Keeping Up With The Jones

Reality shows are a huge success and taking over TV! VH1 has again scored with Hip Hop fans and aired their new show Chrissy and Mr. Jones, a spin off from Love and Hip Hop. Originally VH1 approached Jim Jones about doing a reality show based on him but instead Jim decided to make a show based around Chrissy, his long time girlfriend. Chrissy, Emily and Olivia were all cast and appeared to be really good friends.

As we all watched the drama unfold last season it became clear Chrissy was the boss and pulled a plug on Yandy's checks as promised, decided to show Olivia what riding on the fence would get you as she wasn't mentioned at all in the show and that the other cast members were easy to forget! However a few questions remain...

Will there ever be a Mr. & Mrs. Jones?  The first episode of Chrissy and Mr. Jones prove they can carry the show alone!  No mention of the drama from previous seasons or the cast members but now the question is were the others the issue!  The couple want the relationship to work and love each other but this season promises to reveal the difficulties of getting it right.  Eight years into the relationship, 2 engagements, 2 previous seasons and still no wedding bells...not even a date set, no baby and still no 15% of Jim's clothing business! Is Jim's proposal just an installment plan? Wonder what Yandy has to say!

The two stars of the show stopped by Hot 97 to talk about the upcoming season of Chrissy & Mr.Jones.

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  1. i enjoyed watching Jim Jones, a man known to be a thug, hustler and gansta allow the world to see he isnt afraid to show love for his woman. one of my favorite lines from him was, "how gansta would i be if i cant even keep my own woman happy?"