Once again, folks: Men (and women alike) love them some Stevie J!   I know I am not the only one who laughed when Ms. Mona Scott (with her fabulous Olcay Gulsen snake-skinned strappy pumps on) asked Stevie if he thinks that rat face he makes is cute!   

To catch y'all up, this past Monday, ATL Love & Hip Hop shared with us its final season reunion.  During the episode, viewers watched Ms. Mona ask all the great, yet hard, questions - and she got answers.   Turns out, Joseline and Stevie are not in a relationship (he says) and Stevie still has his bus, Scrappy proposed to Erica (she said yes!), Benzino is a polygamous (that part seemed too-done-for-tv-solely), and other relationships crumbled.  About this bus - What do you all think about this bus symbolism that Stevie constantly refers to?  Some of us have laughed, ADMIT IT, but should women be insulted?   Are women really all riding on a "bus" (excuse the use of this metaphor) when dealing with men, men especially in a high level industry such as the music industry?

One thing I do know, is a general rule, I don't think much about age because life is more important than that...but man, I want to know Karlie Redd's age!  This woman would be the perfect witness on the stand because she has mastered the art of truly pleading the fifth, ignoring the question, diverting from the question, playing mute when the question appears!  It's comical, but hey, it is her personal business...right?

Take care everyone,

The Boss Nicky

"I will never say that I know it all...but I will say it so good, that you'll believe it anyway."

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