Vanessa Bell Calloway ‘Shameless’ or Bust!

(CelebNMusic247Vanessa Bell Calloway Is ‘Shameless‘ or Bust!

CelebNMusic247 had the pleasure to talk with the talented and delightful Vanessa Bell Calloway who is returning for  the third season of John Wells’ top-rated hour-long drama Shameless on Showtime.
Not only is Vanessa Bell Calloway returning to Shameless, she is also continuing on with a guest role on Matthew Perry’s new NBC series Go On.
Vanessa Bell Calloway returns as Carol Fisher, Veronica’s [Shanola Hampton] mother, who is Fiona Gallagher [Emmy Rossum] best friend.  Calloway is back on the hit series Shameless for another dysfunctional season of the gritty grind and hustle to make it through another day. Although you may not think there are any family values on Shameless, there is one thing that holds the family and friends together and that is love.
She explains how she loves being a part of the show “because it’s so raw, so real, so cutting edge.” Vanessa personally loves it because she knows some people like the characters on the show “who are just making it in Cleveland.”
When asked about her range of freedom to explore and take Carol into new levels, Calloway reveals that she is able to push the envelope:
Vanessa explains:
“I get to go into a direction I normally do get the chance to do.”
Vanessa recently posted a photo on her Twitter of Emmy Rossum on the set of Shameless:
Vanessa started in the theater doing comedy and musical theater before coming to Los Angeles and transitioning to film and TV. She has been in a wide range of films like; Coming to America, Biker Boyz, Love Don’t Cost a Thing, Cheaper by the Dozen, The Brothers, Daylight, The Inkwell, many TV series and more…
The stage actress, talks about how she purposely didn’t watch the UK version of Shameless, so she could interpret her character, Carol Fisher in her own light.
Vanessa is also a fan of the show, talking about who is Carol, how the whole cast is professional and how they are able to work quickly.
When we asked Calloway what to expect, she kept a tight lip on the new season, but did give a hint that Carol loves her daughter.
Checkout the interview with Vanessa Bell Calloway and CNM247:

Please listen to part 2 to listen to Vanessa Bell Calloway:

We also spoke about Vanessa Bell Calloway’s current theatrical film release The Obama Effect [Charles S. Dutton, Katt Williams and Vanessa Bell Calloway].
Calloway stays busy, she is constantly working, you can see her in The Under Shepherd [Isaiah Washington, Mike Jerome Putnam and Dkia Anderson], and The Last Fall [ Lance Gross, Nicole Beharie Vanessa Bell Calloway, Darrin Dewitt Henson, Keith David and more]and Hollaback which stars Kiely Williams, Akeem Smith, Trae Ireland and more.
It’s been a  busy year for Actress Vanessa Bell Calloway continues with a guest role on Matthew Perry’s new NBC series “Go On”.  Playing the mother of Owen (Tyler James Williams), a member of Perry’s support group, Calloway was initially invited to guest star in one episode but has already been invited to return.

Make sure to tune into Vanessa on Go On, which airs tonight, Tuesdays at 9/8c on NBC. And look forward to seeing Calloway on Shameless in 2013.

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