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Artist Feature: - "SwisherMane" - Da Instrumentals

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Music is my life and has been since day one. Growing up I have heard stories about how my dad loved music growing up as a kid his father loved music and we still all do. When my mother was pregnant my father would play Rick James and they say I would move when music played. In 1986 I started to buy bootleg tapes from the flea market on the weekends. I would come back to the neighborhood and be the first to have to new tape from artist I saw on what few video channels and heard on the radio. Even though my grandparents would throw the tapes away I would get them out the trash or even go back to flea market with chore money and buy the tape and another tape of a different artist.

My favorite artist at the time were the Fat Boys, Kool Moe Dee, Heavy D, Boogie down productions, just to name a few. As I grew and changed so did music. Throughout the years I have listened to music but never took a music class to play an instrument.One day I seen a video of a production team called the Heatmakers on a come up DVD and said I want that meaning a beat machine. The next day I went and bought one. I took me a few months to tech myself how to use it. Since then I have continued to work on music as a hobby in my free time.People ask me what made me start doing music and the answer is real simple. I’m in love with music; she will always be my first love in life.

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