Writer – Gold Chains ( Wayne Walstron) - "My birth name is Daryll Martin in the Hip-Hop world im known as Writer as an artist i believe the name Rapper has been tainted by ignorance and I dont condone it I want to be an Artist/MC from the golden era with the fat gold chains where the beat wasnt the highlight of the song but the meaning of the lyrics was what people cared for ! Im 18 years old from the beast coast reppin Baltimore Maryland and growing up here molded me as an artist I am the founder of a group of independent artists called B.O.S.S (Built On Self Success) which i feel is an elite group in my city I also founded Groovy Gang which is what I like to call a "Dare to be different" crew we like to do what everybody else is scared to do because of people judging them from the way we talk to the way we dress its who we are this track is my latest work and I hope the world enjoys"
"Gold Chains and yellin mic check the era of the best"

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