Guess What Has Actress Nia Long Has Been Up To Lately? Exclusive -- I'm sure you know actress Nia Long had a new baby boy earlier this year. The gorgeous mom also graced the August 2012 cover of ESSENCE Magazine. With 48 days left until the Presidential Election, did you know actress Nia long has been going hard campaigning for Barack Obama?

Every chance she gets, Nia Long reminds us not to assume the person standing next to you is registered to vote. She admits helping three people register to vote today because the deadline is around the corner.
This sort of ambition inspired me to go hard the last 48 days to help get President Barack Obama re-elected.

So wants to team up with Nia Long to get people register to vote.
We have over 170,000 members and many friends across the internet. Together Nia Long and can make a huge impact.  --Futuristic Blogger

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