Hopsin - ILL MIND OF HOPSIN 5 - Official Video

Hopsin is one of my top 5 favorite new artist and this video shows you the reason why.  This joint will never see the lights of day on the mainstream radio simply because "Truth" don't sell in HiHop.  At this point in  HipHop's journey too many rappers are just trying to spit a couple or lines for record sales.  But its not just the rappers, major corporations only sign artist they can control and profit from.  It's a good thing we have the internet (For Now) we would never hear any good music.  They call him the black Eminem.....hmmm maybe but to be compared to EM you have to have the skills and lyrical content.  So that should tell you something....this dude is DOPE...!!! Let us know what you think follow us @unsunghiphop.

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