Nothing I Can't Do - Gullie Lamont ft Frank Ocean


Lamont Duverne aka -Gullie Lamont, an individual artist, is defined by his raw truth, urban soul, and pure hip-hop. Growing up in the Valley and challenged by lifes obstacles he found music to be his only way to channel his struggle. Discovering his innate talent to freestyle at the ripe age of thirteen, he established that music was going to be a part of his life whether he liked it or not. Graduating from Burbank High School, he was driven to be a successful artist because being on his own there was no Plan B. No matter what it takes he needs to make it, because for him music is life and life is music. "Music for me is when people are able to get the feeling that I get when I am in the booth delivering my sixteen and it makes me feel accomplished, knowing that I made them look at something different just through something as simple as music".


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