Have you ever wanted to be featured on sites like  4UMF, Hiphopnews24-7, Worldswagg2dopeboys all the way up to the major We'll this is your chance! We'll provide you with a service that will get your buzz up before you know it! Prices start at only $49.99 and thats a price you can't beat for 10,000 legit industry contacts! We've work with artist such as Kid Ink, ASAP Rocky, School Boy Q, all the way up to the MMG empire! We all start from somewhere and today is the day you start to get your buzz up!

Our EBlast are received by 10,000 industry contacts around the world! We are the #1 Indie Hip Hop E Blasting company because our rates our unbeatable!! We focus on getting the music out to the world of the music industry Our PlatinumHitzEBlast contacts consists of 10,000 industry contacts including DJs worldwide, radio DJs, music directors, program directors, club, satellite, mixtape, internet DJs. Also included in our contacts are music magazines, top music websites, top music blogs, record pools, public relation firms, a-list booking agents, and record label executives. To get your music blasted by us can only advance you and you will see results!

We also wanted to let you know that besides music, we do blast other content! If you have AD's, Flyiers, Events, Brands, Etc, we'll blast it! The prices below also apply to you! :). Need A Blast? Lets set it up today!; is the home for PlatinumHitz Promo! By the launch of the new site, we made it 100% easier to get your blast submitted and started asap! Also, we added a service which allows your music to be featured on the site!! Its official! Just visit today and get your e-blast started!

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Instant Blast:
$50 | (We Blast Your Content [(1)Single, Video, Or Mixtape] Within 2-5 Hours Of Receiving It) The Instant Blast is one of the greatest and fastest ways to get your music to the world! We Instantly blast your content the day you send it to us! You also have the option of scheduling your blast.

Silver Package:
$125 | (We Blast Your Content 3 Times [(1)Single, Video, Or Mixtape] Within a 1 Month Period)
The Gold package is a great way to go if your in a campaign of promoting a single, video, or mixtape! It is a promotion that is sent 3 times within 1 month.

Gold Package:
$235 | (We Blast Your Content 5 Times! [(1)Single, Video, Or Mixtape] Within a 1 Month Period)
The Platinum Package is the premium package! We send 5 Blast, for 5 Weeks. This is what most labels use for a single or mixtape campaign.

Platinum Package
$350 | (We Blast Your Content 7 Times! [(1)Single, Video, Or Mixtape] Within a 1 Month Period) + Get Featured on the front page of our website for a week, + 5,000 Twitter Followers (Guaranteed)
The Platinum Package is the premium package! We send 7 Blast, you get featured on the front page of the official site (;) & your guaranteed 5,000 Twitter followers!

Platinum Hitz Promo Is Now At; !!!

Platinum Hitz Promo Is Now At; !!!

Platinum Hitz Promo Is Now At; !!!


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