Is Eminem Signing The Next Big White Rapper 7 Figa?

Supreme Reaction and Staff has had a chance to sit down and talk to 7 Figa as he talked about how he got influenced in music and the one burning question all the fans want to know. Is Eminem going to sign him to Shady Records. Read more and find out.
What got you into rapping and writing rhymes?
Music was all around me from a very young age. I grew up around artists, writers and musicians, although hip hop was not generally the genre of choice.  My mother used to play me Bob Marley among other types of music, pops played me Gil Scott Heron as soon as he knew i was pursuing rap music feeling that was the origin.I originally produced beats and spun records but eventually chose writing the music instead. Rappers got the glory it seemed when i was younger. Also writing the music gives an artist a unique chance to individualize language, whatever that language maybe, that intrigued me. To create original word play and punchlines to get a story to the audience.
What was the turning point for you in making rapping not just a hobby but a career?
Honestly, it took me along time to understand the difference. “Business before pleasure” is something most artists don’t understand, even if an artist think they do, business is so crucial for an artist. For a while i was making music that was more for the masses rather than a message and letting people know me personally, and eventually the pleasure or passion wasn’t as strong. The last year or 2 i found my passion for music again. I understood business at a level I would’ve never thought i would, my writing elevated with age, my focus on what i wanted to do was clear as day.  I think when I understood how hard you gotta go to get your music out, and excepted that I decided that this was way to difficult to call a hobby.
So, I have heard Eminem is in talks with you? Give us some details if you can?
I haven’t spoke to em personally. I heard from some cats in Cali and N.Y. that him, and some of his camp had heard some of my music and were talking about signing another white rapper. This was more of a rumour that i heard that just got me thinking like, this is crazy, you know?
How did Eminem find out about you?
I think a few connections of mine shot some songs, or videos to some close connections or friends of his. Not completely sure.
What was your first reaction when you heard about it?
Unreal, sounded crazy. I am business minded so if it’s not in paper I am hesitant. At the same time having a legend playing your music is a good feeling, shows hard work is paying off.
How much of his music is influenced in yours?
think em opened the door for “white rappers” to be taken serious on a greater scale. To date, not many rappers can fuck with em lyrically, colour aside. At the same time em has proven himself as a producer, actor and role model for any one, worldwide, not just “white” rappers or even rappers in general. He proved you can get anything, from nothing, if you stick to it. His personal influence on me was the ability to vent on a page, to give people a chance to hear the truth about your life and not be ashamed if you’re not perfect understanding no one is. It so happens my new release “Nails in your casket” is a pretty dark song, I’ m sure he could, and hopefully everyone can relate to these types of songs, that “don’t fuck with me mentality”.
If you do sign with Eminem what would be the main thing you would try to learn from him?
Man, I’ve seen em perform a couple times, but namely in N.Y. at the opening of the new bronx stadium with Jay-z, I’d say 2 years ago. The way these guys control the crowd is unreal. Also he’s seen the ups and down of the business as well as the effect it has on the individual.
What separates you from other artist?
I think I’m more diverse than most are aware with my current releases, over time people will realize. I can tear apart hard tracks, I can be poetic on the softer ballad style tracks. Writing is natural to me, I write songs to all kinds of music and put something unique and different in every track. I feel my punchlines and word play set my self apart from most emcees. Aside from the music I have a personality and look I feel is unique and highly marketable.
What made you come up with the video concept in your new music video?
The concept to this video and the chosen locations was to basically have a really open landscape to create empty space to give the lyrics a chance to marinate. The more dominant location in the video was shot second in the graveyard. This location was to add balance how we did this was using a rose respecting the dead which was in contrast a more rough tone.
Any shout outs you want to give?
My mom, my dad, Lebron Chains and my Lonely Empire family, BHG, and all my fans thus far, we just getting started.

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