7 Figa Taking Over The Rap World. (Music Video Included) - “Figa” born Liam Mojique Legault, from a young age has always aspired to be an artist. Being raised in a artist oriented complex, Helen’s Court, which spawned popular rock group “DOA”, it seems as though his talents were magnified by his encouraging surroundings. The turmoil and internal struggle of an absentee Father was balanced by a supportive female role model being his mother. On his own at the age of 16, Figa transformed his malevolent past into his family into ammunition and the unbreakable motivation to become the next new hot artist out of Canada.
Being very business minded individual, Figa has been perfecting his craft for nearly a decade before releasing himself, and his music publicly. Although slightly hard surfaced, Figas has amicable personality and has embraced hip hop more so as an artistic lifestyle as a opposed to a profitable hobby. You’ll find that his originality is not comparable  to other mainstream artist due to his eccentric personality combined with his abstract word play and punchlines. Currently, he is concluding his first mixtape DVD titled “Its Figa 2.0″alongside of two other untitled mixtapes set to be released in the winter of 2012. His first video release is titled “One Way Ticket” which was filmed in the Dominican Republic. “One Way Ticket” also gives Figa to expose his other artistic abilities as a film producer and director. This upcoming artist is sure to be the truth and next dynasty in Canadian hip hop. Stay tuned and witness the growth of a rising star.

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