Arioose, Wyclef @ Stadium Red Recording & Talking Business - Arioose, a New Jersey Haitian hip-hop artist ran into Wyclef at Stadium Red in Harlem while working on his first mix tape – The Last Zoe.  Arioose was accompanied by one of his business advisors and mentors – former investment banker, entrepreneur, and founder of EggFusion Bradley Parker.
Parker developed EggFusion – a revolutionary technology that Parker invented and patented which allowed him to laser print advertising and fresh dates on eggs.  Parker was the first of his kind to develop such a technology and one of first clients was CBS.  CBS used Eggfusion technology to advertise its shows and programs directly on eggs that would be visible to consumers everyday they opened the refrigerator.  Talk about in your face advertising.
Parker has been featured in Fox news, CBS and US World and News Reports as well as other networks.  As part of Arioose’s team, Parker continues to advise Arioose on business and entrepreneurial ventures as well as opening his network and resources to guide and help Arioose as an up and coming independent artist who has an insatiable thirst to learn about business and what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. Parker has also introduced Arioose to Epic Records and the legendary John Rifkind, who was co-founder of Loud Records and managed artists including the Wu-Tang Clan.
When asked about his relationship with Parker, Arioose replied,
“I am blessed to have an a business man like Parker take an interest in me…coming from the hood without a college or business degree, I like to learn all angles of business from people who got it done.   Parker was able to raise millions of dollars for a technology that started as an idea off his couch, that he invented, patented and commercialized….now that’s genius and hard work!”
Reflecting about his life since his incarceration, Arioose learned at a young age that the key to success is the application of information. When asked what that quote meant to him, Arioose explained, “You can learn from someone younger then you, someone older, someone white, someone black…doesn’t matter…you just have to take that information and apply it positively to your life and that’s what has helped me progress.  I have already applied the knowledge that Parker has shared with me in my life and one day I will follow in his footsteps by patenting my own technology and bringing to market a product that would benefit consumers.  First though, I will take over the world with my music.”  

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